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Recognition for Competency in Asset Management

PEMAC Asset Management Association of Canada, in collaboration with the other members of the World Partners in Asset Management, is proud to have developed the Global Certification Scheme (GCS), created to align credentials in Asset Management in Canada and around the world.

The scheme marks a big step in the professionalization of asset management across the globe and provides a laddered career path for individuals who are looking to expand their skills and receive global recognition for their knowledge and competency as an asset management professional.

This competency-based scheme provides a structure which organizations anywhere in the world can use to ensure that new recruits have the knowledge, skills and experience to apply asset management principles in various contexts. It also provides professionals with global recognition including transportability and transferability for their asset management competency and career path. PEMAC offers three certifications: CTAM, CPAM and CSAM that align with the global scheme.

To get an application package click into the link for the certification of interest, below, and complete the self-assessment.

Certified Technical Specialist in Asset Management (CTAM)

Certified Practitioner in Asset Management (CPAM)

Certified Senior Principal in Asset Management (CSAM)