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Certified Technical Specialist in Asset Management (CTAM)

Certifying Organization: 

Suitable for

Individuals seeking a global certification for their knowledge and competency within a specific technical domain.

Aligned with the WPiAM global certification scheme (GCS) the Certified Technical Specialist in Asset Management (CTAM) certification is awarded to professionals who have shown knowledge and competency within a specific domain of asset management while being tasked with delivering against the asset management objectives of their organization.

As part of PEMAC’s suite of tiered, experienced-focused certifications, the CTAM certification marks the first milestone within this globally recognized credential scheme. This is followed by CPAM and CSAM certifications, both of which have a higher level of assessment criteria, providing a clear career progression path for asset management professionals around the world, seeking a certification that is equivalent and recognized globally. 

Apply for the CTAM to demonstrate that you have:

Knowledge, competency and comprehension of asset management (AM), responsible for leading the application and management of an element of a specific Domain within an Asset Management Framework (AMF) and enhancing the organization's effectiveness in executing all relevant activities.

This Requires:

  • Awareness and understanding of the breadth of recognized Domains of AM, and their inter-dependency within an AMF.
  • Well-developed skills within an area of work responsibility in an operating Domain of AM.
  • Awareness and understanding of the key requirements of an integrated AMF; and
  • Awareness and understanding of core AM roles and responsibilities, their inter-dependency, and the key benefits of integrated application.

Relating to the area(s) of their Proficiency, CTAM certificants:

  • Inform aspects of the AMF; and
  • Lead a team in application or be recognized as a fully competent technical professional, technician, or tradesperson.

Note: PEMAC’s MMP and AMP educational programs provide participants with valuable knowledge that can be used as evidence in support of one’s application for a CTAM certification


Application Fee:


Refundable deposit on first Certification period:

$175 / year (prorated for August 31st expiry)



Continuing Professional Development Requirements

Minimum total of 120 hours over 3 years in at least two (2) of the following categories:

  • Formal education and training
  • Informal education (max 20 hours/year)
  • Presentation and Publishing
  • Formal education and training delivery
  • Community participation
  • Professional Practice (max 20 hours/year)


Specification Document: