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Certified Asset Management Professional (CAMP)

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The CAMP certification is designed for mid-career professionals from a variety of backgrounds (IT, engineering and business management) who have responsibility for managing decisions with respect to the core life cycle functions such as design, selection, operation, maintenance of an organization’s assets.


To Qualify for CAMP Certification 

To qualify you must demonstrate one of the following on your initial application:

1. Completion of all six courses of the Asset Management Professional (AMP) education program with at least 60%

- OR -

2. Demonstration of equivalent education and experience in compliance with the PEMAC "Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition" program.

Certification Process

If you have met the requirements outlined above it's time to apply to PEMAC for your CAMP TM Certification.

1) Order your transcripts (official or unofficial) from Humber College or Northern Lakes College and save/scan them to .pdf format

2) Add to that any PLAR letters you have received from PEMAC

3) Fill out the quick online application for PEMAC CAMP Certification and pay any associated certification fees.


Duration of CertificationFeeApply Now
1 Year: $174CAMP Certification - 1 Year


Continuing Professional Development Requirements

When your CAMP Certification expires the renewal requirements include signing off on the PEMAC Code of Ethics, demonstrating a minimum standard of continuing professional development (CPD), and payment of recertification fees.

Since September 1, 2021 the CPD requirements to maintain your CAMP Certification are be as follows:

Minimum total of 120 hours over 3 years in at least two (2) of the following categories:

  • Formal education and training
  • Presentation and publishing
  • Formal education and training delivery
  • Community participation
  • Informal education (max 20 hours/year)
  • Professional Practice (max 20 hours/year)

The period that will be considered will be from July 1st to June 30th each year. This means that any CPD you undertake from July 1st, 2021 will be counted. The first assessment of whether you have met the 3 year CPD requirements will be with renewals occurring in 2024. 

Already certified? Log into the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) page on the PEMAC Member Portal to find more details about the CPD requirements, descriptions and examples of each category, as well as an exportable tracking tool for all your CPD requirements through PEMAC and beyond. 

PEMAC Certification includes membership benefits, as well as continued opportunities for you to contribute to the development and recognition of the Asset Management profession.

Employer Recognition of CAMP Certification

We have observed job postings that recommend or require CAMP Certification posted by the following employers:

Acara Solutions
Almag Aluminum
Peel Regional Police
Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo