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Becoming a Certified Asset Management Assessor Course

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The “Certified Asset Management Assessor” (CAMA) certification establishes an individual's credentials in asset management knowledge and comprehension, globally.

Developed and authorized by PEMAC this course prepares asset management professionals who are considering writing the Certified Asset Management Assessor Exam. CAMA certification is not only for current or future assessors. This certification benefits professionals who want to demonstrate their understanding of true asset management and the new standard for management systems for AM for which ISO 55001 exists.

No time to study for the CAMA Exam?

Reduce your pre-exam stress by spending time with the experts. Or simply establish your asset management knowledge. This course is designed to give individuals (with the necessary background experience) an efficient overview of the recommended preparation material for the CAMA Exam. These materials provide insight into: (1) the ISO 5500x framework of documents, (2) the GFMAM Asset Management Landscape and (3) the GFMAM Competency Specification which indicates what ISO 5500x Asset Management Systems Assessors must know to complete that task effectively.

All these documents are available and can be studied independently. But why not take advantage of the opportunity to discuss with a group of peers and the facilitators?

This course is ideal for professionals with a variety of backgrounds (engineering, business management, project management, consulting, operations) who are responsible for physical asset management and have five or more years of experience. 

A group of PEMAC volunteers have developed and maintain the Becoming a Certified Asset Management Assessor program curriculum. PEMAC qualifies the instructors and authorizes teaching institutions to offer the program.

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The Lessons

Lesson 1 – Introductions and Overview of CAMA & ISO 5500x:2014
Lesson 2 – Asset Management Policy, Objectives, Strategy & Plan
​Lesson 3 – Asset Knowledge Enabling Systems
Lesson 4 – Risk and Compliance
Lesson 5 – Asset Decision-making
Lesson 6 – Organization Capacity Enabling Strategy
Lesson 7 – Lifecycle Value Realization

In preparation for the course and the exam, participants may wish to familiarize themselves with a number of recommended readings that the course reviews in more detail. A complete list of material and where they can be found is provided upon registration.

Participant Requirements

Must have a minimum 5 years of working experience in asset management
​Should have working knowledge of ISO 5500x Standards;
​Should understand the GFMAM Competency Specification for an ISO 55001 Asset Management System Auditor/Assessor.

How to Enroll

The CAMA preparation course is offered online and face to face. 

Online On-Demand - NOW AVAILABLE! The course is available "on-demand" online through Northern Lakes College where participants can learn at their own pace through 7 recorded  2 hour lessons, with the option to interact with an instructor throughout. Visit the Northern Lakes College site for more details and to register. 

Private Training - The course can be offered as private training for staff within your organization in person or live online. 

Features and Benefits

Improve the performance of your organization through learning that is:

Accessible and Applied

Accessible to senior and mid-career professionals
Instructors are most typically practicing professionals 
Opportunities to meet and share learning with peers from a variety of regions, backgrounds and industries
​Opportunities to gain valuable skills even if you are not interested in participating in the CAMA exam
​Participants in the course receive a complimentary one year membership to PEMAC


Designed and maintained by PEMAC volunteers
Independent from consulting services and product sales
Delivered through post-secondary institutions


The CAMA exam has been developed and is offered by the World Partners in Asset Management, a partnership of non-profit professional associations including the ABRAMAN (Brazil), AM Council (Australia), GSMR (Gulf States), JAAM (Japan), SAAMA (Southern Africa), SMRP (USA), and PEMAC (Canada). This preparation course has been developed and is aligned with the WPiAM landscape document. 


The World Partners in Asset Management recognises “Becoming a Certified Asset Management Assessor” owned by PEMAC as providing course content that addresses the competencies provided ISBN978 0 9871799 5 1 GFMAM ISO55001 Auditor Assessor Specification.



Ready to take the Exam?

Participants who have completed the Becoming a Certified Asset Management Assessor course, or simply wish to write the exam can click here for more details. The CAMA exam is delivered online and accessible from anywhere. Reduced exam fees are available for PEMAC members. Email for more information.