Board of Directors

The PEMAC Board of Directors is made up of a number of elected directors (between 5 and 15 as set by the Board) each serving a three year term. Each year approximately 1/3 of the Board rotates off and elections are held for those director positions.

The Board selects the executive team (President, Vice President and Acting Chairs) at the first meeting following the AGM each year.

The Board of Directors is currently working from the 2014 - 2019 Strategic Plan.


Susan Lubell

Senior Consultant
Steppe Consulting

Vice President

Jean-Pierre Pascoli

Director, Asset Management & Reliability
Cameco Corporation

Rotating Chair

Paul Daoust

Principal Engineer, Reliability

David MacPherson

Director - Mechanical
Co-op Refinery Complex

James Reyes-Picknell

Managing Consultant
Conscious Group Inc.


Richard Olver

Retired Commissioning Manager


Mike Crowell

Director of Maintenance Pulp and Paper Division
Irving Pulp and Paper Limited

Amin Elsherif

Robert Lash

Manager, Corporate Asset Management, Infrastructure Asset Management, Environmental Services
The Regional Municipality of York

Leonard Middleton

Senior Manager
Deloitte Canada

Sridhar Ramakrishnan

Reliability Improvement Manager
Suncor Energy

Peter Valila

Greater Toronto Airports Authority

Cliff Williams

Operations Manager
Erco Worldwide


PEMAC Board News

PEMAC Board's Annual Face to Face meeting

PEMAC Board of Directors

Determining Priority Objectives and Actions for PEMAC

The PEMAC Board of Directors held a cost-effective full-day meeting on Sunday, March 5th split between Calgary and Mississuaga meeting spaces.

We did a quick review of the current Strategic Plan, discussed accomplishments to date, identified our key priorities and created action plans for each.

PEMAC Annual Election Results

The results of the election to fill 5 openings on the PEMAC Board of Directors are as follows in alphabetical order:

Election of Directors

Mike Crowell
Paul Daoust 
Jean-Pierre Pascoli
James Reyes-Picknell 
Peter Valila 

with 13% of members participating (down from 16% last year).