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Certified Practitioner in Asset Management (CPAM)

Suitable for: 
Applicable to practitioners (or advisors thereto) responsible for the establishment, updating, and management oversight of the application of a Domain of AM that is significant to the organization’s Asset Management Framework across a significant area of business. Importantly, this framework must inform, and be informed by the organization’s strategic objectives.

Apply for the CPAM to demonstrate that you have:

... the knowledge and skills to take responsibility for the establishment, updating and management oversight of application of a specific Domain within an integrated Asset Management Framework (AMF) and prepare and recommend policy, objectives, strategy, tactics, processes and procedures to drive application and improvement, requiring:

  • Awareness and understanding of all the recognized Domains of Asset Management (AM), their inter-depedency and integration.
  • Awareness and understanding of the key requirements for an integrated AMF.
  • Competency across a Domain of AM.
  • Meta-cognitive skills.
  • Leadership and management skills; and
  • The ability to communicate knowledge and ideas to a variety of audiences.

A Certificant, as a proficient leader responsible for Domain-specific teams or as a Domain specific expert, will:

  • Recommend policy, strategy, tactics, processes, and procedures; and
  • Drive AM application and ongoing improvement

within their Domain in line with and, as an essential element of the organization's AMF required to deliver against the AM objectives of the organization.



Continuing Professional Development Requirements: 

Minimum total of 150 hours over 3 years in at least two (2) of the following categories:

  • Formal education and training
  • Informal education (max 20 hours/year)
  • Presentation and publishing
  • Formal education and training delivery
  • Community participation
  • Professional Practice (max 25 hours/year)


Specification Document: