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Certified Senior Principal in Asset Management (CSAM)

Suitable for: 
Applicable to practitioners (or expert advisors thereto) responsible for the establishment, updating and management oversight of the application of a holistic and integrated AMF across a significant area of the organization’s business, informed by the organization’s strategic objectives

Apply for the CSAM to demonstrate that you have:

... The knowledge and skills to take responsibility for the design, establishment, updating and management oversight of application of an Asset Management Framework (AMF) in a significant area of business relating to a significant asset portfolio, requiring:

  • Awareness and advanced understanding of all the recognized Domains of Asset Management (AM), their inter-dependency and integration.
  • Awareness and advanced understanding of the key requirements for an integrated AMF.
  • The ability to synthesize and integrate complex knowledge (including eliciting such knowledge from a range of Domain experts).
  • Meta-cognitive skills.
  • Leadership and management skills.
  • The ability to communicate complex knowledge to a variety of audiences; and
  • The ability to manage the integration/relationship of asset management with other organizational management systems and processes.

A Certificant, typically as the leader of a multi-disciplinary AM team, or as an AM Expert (AME),will:

  • Recommend policy, strategy, tactics, processes, and procedures; and
  • Drive AM application and continual improvement