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Celebrating Certification: The Value of CTAM for Victor Nguyen

The field of asset management is undergoing significant evolution, driven by the need for standardized practices and recognized credentials worldwide. The PEMAC Asset Management Association of Canada, in collaboration with the World Partners in Asset Management (WPiAM), has established the Global Certification Scheme (GCS). This initiative aims to align asset management credentials across Canada and globally, offering professionals an opportunity to gain recognized certifications that enhance their careers and credibility.

The introduction of the competency-based certification system by PEMAC is a monumental advancement in professionalizing the field. The scheme offers three progressive levels of certification: Certified Technical Specialist in Asset Management (CTAM), Certified Professional in Asset Management (CPAM), and Certified Senior Asset Manager (CSAM). These certifications are designed to validate the skills and knowledge of professionals at various stages of their careers, ensuring a consistent and high standard of competency worldwide.

Victor Nguyen, a Utility Maintenance Planner at Tsawwassen First Nation, recently achieved the CTAM certification and discusses its value:

Q: What motivated you to apply for the CTAM certification?

A: As a maintenance planner, I recognized the importance of having a globally recognized credential that validates my knowledge and competency within this specific technical domain. PEMAC’s CTAM certification aligns with the WPiAM GCS, which ensures consistency and recognition across international boundaries. It was an opportunity to demonstrate my commitment to asset management.

Q: Why should other individuals consider these competency-based certifications?

A: These certifications provide a clear career progression path. I like the idea to start with CTAM, then move on to CPAM and CSAM, each laddering upon the previous one.

Q: What value do certified individuals bring to an organization?

While I haven’t fully leveraged my CTAM certification yet, I believe it will play a pivotal role in my career growth. My organization is in the early stages of implementing an asset management strategy. As a member of its team, and a recognized asset management practitioner, I bring tremendous insights and value to support our common goals.

To those interested in following a similar path, PEMAC offers a structured approach to gaining these valuable certifications. Prospective candidates can start by learning more about the CTAM, CPAM, and CSAM certifications and taking a self-assessment to determine which certification is appropriate for their career stage. By applying for and achieving these certifications, individuals join a growing community of globally recognized practitioners in asset management.

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