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CSAM Certification: A Milestone for Michael Latimer and Its Significance

The field of asset management is undergoing significant evolution, driven by the need for standardized practices and recognized credentials worldwide. PEMAC Asset Management Association of Canada, in collaboration with the World Partners in Asset Management (WPiAM), has established the Global Certification Scheme (GCS). This initiative aims to align asset management credentials across Canada and globally, offering professionals an opportunity to gain recognized certifications that enhance their careers and credibility.

The introduction of the competency-based certification system by PEMAC is a monumental advancement in professionalizing the field. The scheme offers three progressive levels of certification: Certified Technical Specialist in Asset Management (CTAM), Certified Professional in Asset Management (CPAM), and Certified Senior Asset Manager (CSAM). These certifications are designed to validate the skills and knowledge of professionals at various stages of their careers, ensuring a consistent and high standard of competency worldwide.

Michael Latimer, Policy, Research and Initiatives Advisor, Corporate Asset Management at The Regional Municipality of York, was awarded the Certified Senior Principal in Asset Management (CSAM) certification. He shares his insights into its value:

Q: What motivated you to apply for your CSAM certification?

A: I am always considering ways to raise awareness of asset management and advocate for its benefits. Obtaining CSAM certification was a way to raise the profile of the discipline and continue to foster my growth as a professional. I was also excited to earn a certification that was globally recognized and developed in partnership with World Partners in Asset Management.

Q: What benefits have you seen having achieved this recognition?

A: Obtaining certification signifies to my organization that I am committed to the profession, to ongoing development, and the value of asset management in general. This has been important as my team and I champion asset management best practices and the mission of continually improving.

Q: Why should other individuals consider these competency-based certifications?

There is now a certification scheme that offers a professional growth pathway and is recognized in countries around the world. These certifications further legitimize our discipline as asset management continues to grow in awareness within organizations striving to realize value from their asset-enabled services, and their sustainability goals.

Q: What value do certified individuals bring to an organization?

Certified professionals demonstrate commitment to their role in asset management and growth as an individual and employee. I think of it as walking the talk as we convey the value and importance of adopting and maturing asset management in our organizations.

To those interested in following a similar path, PEMAC offers a structured approach to gaining these valuable certifications. Prospective candidates can start by learning more about the CTAM, CPAM, and CSAM certifications and taking a self-assessment to determine which certification is appropriate for their career stage. By applying for and achieving these certifications, individuals join a growing community of globally recognized practitioners in asset management.

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