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Maintenance Management Professional Certificate Program

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The Maintenance Management Professional certificate program focusses on the tools, techniques, strategies and skills necessary for effective management of a business’s existing physical assets. Graduates have the knowledge and skills to drive improvements in uptime, production capacity, equipment reliability, safety, environmental compliance, economic life of assets, return on investment and effective communication between departments.

Teams of PEMAC member subject matter experts have developed and maintain the MMP program curriculum. PEMAC qualifies the instructors and authorizes teaching institutions to offer the program.

The Courses

Module 1 – An Integrated Strategy for Maintenance Management (15 hours)
Module 2 – Production and Operations Management for the Maintenance Manager (30 hours)
Module 3 – Human Resources Management for the Maintenance Manager (30 hours)
Module 4 – Financial Management for the Maintenance Manager (30 hours)
Module 5 – Developing and Implementing Maintenance Tactics (30 hours)
Module 6 – Maintenance Work Management (30 hours)
Module 7 – Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (30 hours)
Module 8 – Capstone Project

It is recommended that Module 1 be studied first and required that Module 8 be taken last. Otherwise the courses can be undertaken individually and in any order.

MMP Certification from PEMAC

MMP Certification from PEMAC and the right to use the letters "MMP" behind your name is distinct from the education program. A separate application to PEMAC is required and you do not necessarily have to complete all of the courses to meet the requirements.

More about MMP Certification

Offering Models

Each Teaching Institution  has developed an offering strategy that seems to work best for most participants in their local region. Note that each institution is generally also able to do custom or on-site offerings. If none of those options is accessible, you can try an online offering. These are very well received by participants.

Examples of various offering models include:

Face to face - evening schedule or daytime schedule

Online - The courses are available in English "live online" through Northern Lakes College; and in French for residents of Quebec at ETS and for others at ITMI.

On Site - You can inquire with any of the teaching institutions to learn about the possibility of on-site or customized offering models as well. If a particular teaching institution is not responsive, please check in with our Professional Development manager at for alternatives.

How to Enroll

Click here to find the Teaching Institution nearest you.


Funding Opportunities

There are a variety of funding opportunities available for organizations and individuals.

For organizations visit our private offerings page to find a list of funding options.

For individuals, provincial funds may be available through some of the following: 
Ontario Second Career Program

Features and Benefits

  • One Language
  • One Team
  • Best Practices
  • Creates ROI
  • Standardizes Maintenance Management 

Improve the performance of your organization through learning that is:

Accessible and Applied

  • Accessible to mid-career professionals
  • Instructors are most typically practicing professionals 
  • Opportunities to apply the learning to the participants' workplace context are included in projects and assignments
  • Opportunities to meet and share learning with peers from a variety of regions (online), backgrounds and industries
  • Each program culminates in a final project where the participants apply key concepts from each of the courses


  • Designed and maintained by PEMAC member subject matter experts
  • Independent from consulting services and product sales
  • Delivered through post-secondary institutions


  • With the bodies of knowledge of leading Maintenance Management and Asset Management professional bodies


  • MMP courses are recognized by the Ontario and Alberta Water / Wastewater association for CEU credits
  • MMP completion qualifies Journeymen Tradespeople for Blue Seal Certification of business competencies through Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training
  • Course completion qualifies for Continuing Education Units for Engineers and Engineering Technologists. Consult your provincial engineering or CET association for more information.
  • For a list of employers who have mentioned MMP Certification in their job postings see the "MMP Certification" page

Becoming an Authorized Teaching Institution

Contact if you are part of a Post Secondary institution that is interested in offering a PEMAC program in your region.

Success Stories

Check out some of the success stories of other professionals who have received value from participating in PEMAC education with an authorized post-secondary teaching institution.

ARTICLE: Doug Stretton, Sherrit International Corporation - Implementing an Asset Management Strategy

SPOTLIGHT: Gertrude Jones, Ghana National Gas Company Limited

ARTICLE: Brad Owen, Cameco Corporation - Cameco's Asset Plan 



When working in a maintenance role, you very rarely do the same tasks over and over again. It’s more likely that you are managing a variety of projects and assets. The MMP program provided me with knowledge on a variety of new topics and reinforced my understanding of others. The program allowed me to see the big picture, and how my role and the variety of tasks I complete, fit into the organization’s overall strategy. I am performing my role with greater confidence and am inspired to build business cases for improvements and efficiencies within my organization.
- Alex Murray, MMP Maintenance Specialist at Cenovus Energy Inc., Cold Lake, Alberta

Organizations that I have worked for see the value in the knowledge that I’ve acquired in the MMP program, and encouraged me to create and implement new maintenance strategies and programs. I’ve successfully implemented preventative maintenance systems, inventory control and spare parts programs, among other initiatives, that have reduced downtime and helped to drive production capacity.

Steven Hayes, PE., MMP, Maintenance Manager at Five Corners Meats Co., a Donald's Fine Foods Company in Chilliwack, BC 

The support of leadership within my organization had a tremendous impact on how successful I was in the MMP program. Their investment and encouragement in my education has delivered improvements to both my team and the overall organization. I continue to share the knowledge that I gained from the program, instructors, and other participants from around the world in my role as a manager.

- Hassan Sadiq, MMP, Supervisor Materials Management at Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. in Edmonton, AB

My experience with the MMP program has provided me a wealth of knowledge and widened my perspective. Not only am able to make better decisions for my organization in my current role, but I can also champion projects such as implementing a CMMS system to support our facility maintenance strategies. With this new insight, the opportunities for me at Ghana National Gas are endless, including roles in Facility and Asset Management Strategy & Planning, Asset Information Management as well as Reliability Centered Maintenance.

- Gertrude Enyonam Jones, Senior Operations Administrator for Ghana National Gas Company Limited. Located in Accra, Ghana in West Africa