PEMAC Certified Individuals

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Click the links above to search the complete list of individuals who are maintaining MMP or CAMP Certifications.

Note that CAMA Certification is administered by the World Partners in Asset Management and the registry is available at

You can learn more about PEMAC Certification on the Recognition: Certification pages.

Congratulations to the following people who have recently achieved their Certifications:

MMP Since CAMP Since
Banks, David November 1, 2017
Coleman, Curtis January 19, 2017
Greeman, Suzane January 19, 2017
Hendrickson, Dean January 19, 2017
Kumpula, Michael November 1, 2017
Lajoie, Hugo November 1, 2017
Phelan, Joanne January 19, 2017
williams, cliff January 19, 2017