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Maintenance Work Management Certificate

Designed to support planners, schedulers, operations, maintenance coordinators and other maintenance personnel, and leveraging Module 1 and Module 6 of PEMAC's Maintenance Management Professional (MMP) program, the PEMAC Maintenance Work Management Certificate attests that an individual has been trained to ensure the right maintenance work is done on the correct assets, at the right time, using the right resources and tools. 

For those in, or aspiring to be in a maintenance planning and scheduling, operations or maintenance coordinator role, participation in Module 1 and Module 6 of the Maintenance Management Professional (MMP) program will provide practitioners with a high level of understanding and knowledge that will allow them to perform their role effectively while contributing to the overall success of the department and organization.

MMP Module 1 - An Integrated Strategy for Maintenance Management sets the stage for creating an integrated approach to maintenance management. (15 hours)

MMP Module 6 - Maintenance Work Management, delves deeper into the fundamental principles of the work management process in addition to the basics of planning, scheduling and work coordination methods. (30 hours)

Upon completion of the two modules, participants will have a better understanding of the benefits of an integrated maintenance management strategy, as well as the fundamental principles of work management processes in addition to the basics of planning, scheduling and work coordination methods.

These courses are designed and maintained by PEMAC member subject matter experts. The courses are delivered by accredited post-secondary teaching institutions, either live online or in private offerings. Find your current schedule and enroll directly with the teaching institution of your choice. Participants who successfully complete MMP Module 1 and MMP Module 6 are eligible to apply for the Maintenance Work Management Certificate. 


Offering Models

Offered by accredited Teaching Institutions, each has developed an offering strategy that seems to work best for most participants in their local region. Note that each institution is generally also able to do custom or on-site offerings. 

Examples of various offering models include:

Face to face - evening schedule or daytime schedule

Live Online - The courses are available in English and French live online through a variety of our teaching partners.
English - Bow Valley, BCIT, Conestoga College, Humber College, Keyano College, Northern College, Northern Lakes College, 
French - ETS (Quebec Residents) and ITMI.

On-Site - You can inquire with any of the teaching institutions to learn about the possibility of on-site or customized offering models as well. If a particular teaching institution is not responsive, please check in with our Professional Development Manager at for alternatives.

How to Enroll

Click here to find the Teaching Institution nearest you.

To Qualify for the Maintenance Work Management Certificate

To receive Maintenance Work Management Certificate from PEMAC, you must either:

1. Complete Modules One and Six in the MMP program with at least 60%

- OR -

2. Complete Module One and demonstrate equivalent education and experience in compliance with the PEMAC "Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition" program for Module Six.

Certificate Process

Congratulations! If you meet the requirements outlined above, it's time to apply to PEMAC for your Maintenance Work Management Certificate.

  1. Gather the transcripts (official or unofficial) of any courses you have taken and/or your PLAR letter and save/scan them to .pdf format.
    Note: MMP certified professionals in good standing do not need to submit their transcripts.
  2. Fill out the online application for PEMAC Maintenance Work Management Certificate form, upload your transcripts and pay your one time application fee of $55.
  3. Application will be processed and if all qualifications have been met the Maintenance Work Management Certificate will be mailed to the applicant.

Apply for the Maintenance Work Management Certificate

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition is a process that allows you to receive recognition for skills and knowledge that you have already acquired. Whether it's learning from previous post-secondary studies, work experience or independent study, PEMAC recognizes that relevant learning can take place in a variety of settings, both inside and outside the traditional classroom. Obtaining recognition for prior learning can reduce the amount of classroom time required to obtain the Maintenance Work Management Certificate.

How Much Recognition Can I Get?

Module 1, "An Integrated Strategy for Maintenance Management" is compulsory and therefore is not eligible for credit through PLAR.

You must submit an application form and fee for each Module for which you would like to have your prior learning assessed.

Am I a Good Candidate for PLAR?

To help you answer this question, here are some questions for you to consider:

  1. Do you have five or more recent years of experience in maintenance management?
  2. Do you have in-depth experience related to a specific MMP module?
  3. Has your learning progressed in this area over time?
  4. Do you keep up to date with changes in the field by reading, taking workshops and courses?
  5. Do you network with others in this area?
  6. Can you demonstrate your learning by submitting transcripts, taking a challenging exam or submitting documented evidence?

PLAR Options

Prior Learning can be assessed in one of three ways:

  1. Transfer Credit - If you have completed a comparable course (content, level and length) at another accredited institution, you may apply for an exemption. A course outline and transcripts will be required for the assessment. If you have completed the course outside of Canada, you are advised to have your credential assessed for Canadian equivalency before applying for an exemption. Two organizations that specialize in credential assessment are: ICAS, International Credential Assessment Service, and WES, World Education Services,
  2. Challenge Exam - You can opt to challenge the final exam of the course. The exams are 3 hours in length and may have short answer, essay, or multiple-choice questions. Candidates must achieve a minimum of 60% on the exam.
  3. Portfolio / Interview - The candidate submits documentation describing his or her demonstrated knowledge, skills and abilities for each of the learning outcomes of the course. The reviewer may interview the candidate for clarification or additional information.
  4. Because PEMAC approved instructors are assessed to teach a particular module using a portfolio/interview type of assessment and are held to a higher standard than those seeking PLAR for certification, approved instructors qualify for PLAR for any Module for which they've been approved (including 1 & 8). A PLAR application and payment of the fee is still required.

PLAR MMP Equivalency Matrix

To learn which courses have been evaluated and considered equivalent and which institutions offer these courses, download the document below. 

Download the PLAR MMP Equivalency Matrix


PLAR by Transfer Credit: 

Course on PEMAC's equivalency matrix


Course not on PEMAC's equivalency matrix

PLAR by Portfolio / Supplementary Interview$125
PLAR by Challenge ExamTBD

Next Steps

  1. Express interest to get more information about applying for PLAR.
  2. You will receive an email with more details, application and payment information. 
  3. The average length of time to process a PLAR application, once received, is 4 - 6 weeks.

What if my PLAR application is unsuccessful?

You can re-apply for assessment one additional time for any given Module.

Ready to Submit Your Application?

Apply for the Maintenance Work Management Certificate