Asset Management Professional Certificate Program

MMP Program AMP Program

The Asset Management Professional program is designed for mid-career professionals from a variety of backgrounds (IT, engineering and business management) who have responsibility for managing decisions with respect to the core life cycle functions such as design, selection, operation, maintenance of an organization’s assets. It introduces the participants to the latest in strategic asset management thinking from recognized global organizations, develops the capacity to engage others and build their knowledge and skill in key subject areas such as risk management, knowledge management (enterprise database systems) and introduces tools for strategic decision making at each stage of the asset lifecycle. Like our signature MMP program it finishes with a “Capstone” project, offering the opportunity to apply the participants' new knowledge and skills to develop a real-life project recommendation.

The Courses

Course 1 – Asset Management Principles and Strategic Development (30 hours)
Course 2 – Asset Management Capabilities Development (30 hours)
Course 3 – Risk Management & Performance Improvement (30 hours)
Course 4 – Developing and Implementing Asset Lifecycle Delivery Activities (30 hours)
Course 5 – Asset Knowledge Management (30 hours)
Course 6 – Capstone

Completion of all 6 courses of the Asset Management Professional certificate program is one way to achieve the "CAMP" certification from PEMAC. See "Certification" for more information. 

Offering Model

The courses that lead to the Asset Management Professional Program are currently offered exclusively by ‘asynchronous’ online learning through Humber College. Each course is broken down into ‘weeks’ of work. You can do your weekly assignments on your own schedule. Opportunities to connect with your classmates and instructor are (for the most part) through online discussion forums.

Features and Benefits

Accessible, Applied Learning 

  • Accessible to mid-career professionals
  • Instructors are most typically practicing professionals 
  • Opportunities to apply the learning to the participants' workplace context are included in projects and assignments
  • Opportunities to meet and share learning with peers from a variety of regions (online), backgrounds and industries
  • Each program culminates in a final project where the participants apply key concepts from each of the courses


  • Designed and maintained by PEMAC volunteers
  • Independent from consulting services and product sales
  • Delivered through post-secondary institutions
  • Developed with the support of a grant that was awarded to PEMAC by the Province of Ontario in 2013, as part to the Sector Initiatives Fund program under the Ontario Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities


  • With the bodies of knowledge of leading Maintenance Management and Asset Management professional bodies
  • With ISO 5500x standards


by Professional Bodies and Government Institutions 

  • Completion of the AMP program (or equivalent education and experience) leads to the  "CAMP professional designation" issued by PEMAC
  • Qualifies for Continuing Education Units for Engineers and Engineering Technologists. Consult your P.Eng or CET association for more information.
  • AMP is recognized by the Canadian Network of Asset Managers (CNAM) Education, Research and Training committee

Employer Recognition

We have learned from our experience with MMP that employer recognition builds gradually based on the demonstrated performance of graduates. AMP is very new - the first graduates have only recently completed. If you happen see employer recognition in any Career Listings, please let us know! We'll collect sightings here.

How to Enroll

The AMP program is offered exclusively by Humber College. Learn more through the AMP Program Link on the Humber College website.