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Asset Management Professional Certificate Program

COVID-19 Notice: Public offerings of our Asset Management Professional program have always been available online and are all going ahead as planned. We hope you stay well and take the opportunity to invest in professional development.

AMP for Cross-Functional Municipal Teams

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The Asset Management Professional program is designed for mid-career professionals from a variety of backgrounds (IT, engineering and business management) who have responsibility for managing decisions with respect to the core life cycle functions such as design, selection, operation, maintenance of an organization’s assets. It introduces the participants to the latest in strategic asset management thinking, develops the capacity to engage others and build their knowledge and skill in key subject areas such as risk management, knowledge management (enterprise database systems) and introduces tools for strategic decision making at each stage of the asset lifecycle. Like our signature MMP program it finishes with a “Capstone” project, offering the opportunity to apply the participants' new knowledge and skills to develop a real-life project recommendation.

There are several excellent references for asset management including but not limited to the Asset Management Council (Australia) the Institute for Asset Management (with origins in the UK, but now having Chapters internationally), the Environmental Protection Agency (US), the Canadian Network of Asset Managers, the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia. Each has its strengths. Some are targeted to public sector infrastructure and utilities, others are cross-sector. Some have been successful in attracting the attention of senior managers, others are focused on those who carry out the work. Some are focused on people with the title 'asset manager', others avoid the term, saying that it's better if responsibility for asset management is distributed. What do you think? How could you know without taking some time to think about these ideas and discussing them with others? There are also many service providers and consultants who stand ready to assist your organization in its asset management journey. You will need help. How will you choose from among the various suppliers?

The PEMAC Asset Management Professional program is not prescriptive. We do not say, 'this is how asset management is done'. Rather we encourage the participants to research and reference many sources of asset management wisdom, including several relevant international standards, to identify the core principles and to determine how to leverage them from their current role in their current organization in its current state of maturity. Building on the philosophy of our MMP program, this is what we believe makes a professional - someone who has considered and understood the high-level principles from a number of sources and is able to make informed decisions about how to apply them to their situation. Our program brings mid-career professionals together from a variety of backgrounds and industry-types to discuss the asset management models, tools and principles that are available from many excellent references. The participants are coming away with a broad yet practical understanding, ready to collaborate with others in their organization in the promotion and implementation of asset management principles. Our program is designed as a space where you can connect, learn and contribute to the growing, global understanding of asset management. 

The Courses

Course 1 – Asset Management Principles and Strategic Development (30 hours)
Gain an overview of the essentials of Asset Management in the context of ISO 5500x and identify opportunities for application of Asset Management concepts in your organization to realize value. Begin to discover Asset Management decision-making tools.

Course 2 – Asset Management Capabilities Development (30 hours)
Learn how to develop the organizational capability for engaging the workforce to achieve excellent Asset Management performance. Topics include: organizational structure analysis to identify changes needed for a holistic asset management approach, change management, project management, systems thinking, training needs assessment, customer supplier relationships, adaptive organizations and cultural discipline.

Course 3 – Risk Management & Performance Improvement (30 hours)
Obtain an over view of Risk Management tools and techniques and how these techniques can be used to drive performance improvement through the planning, decision-making and operational phases of any corporate objective. See risk management in the context of holistic Asset Management in which all classes of assets are included - physical assets / equipment, knowledge / information assets, human resources and strategy assets.

Course 4 – Developing and Implementing Asset Lifecycle Delivery Activities (30 hours)
Gain an understanding of different characteristics and requirements for managing assets through the asset lifecycle delivery stages from asset acquisition, through asset operations and maintenance, to asset disposal. Learn when to use various strategies and tactics and practice applying them to real-world examples.

Course 5 – Asset Knowledge Management (30 hours)
Study asset information and knowledge management across the full asset lifecycle from the front-end engineering design through the to the “operate and maintain” phase and eventually to asset retirement. Referring to ISO 14224, the course provides a strategic level view of the important role that information and Knowledge Management plays in an asset dependent organization.

Course 6 – Capstone
Review the elements of the previous courses and take the opportunity to bring the concepts together in an applied project that requires the development of an Asset Management Policy and Strategy for an organization as well as the development and implementation of an Asset Management Plan for a particular class of assets.

Completion of all 6 courses of the Asset Management Professional certificate program is one way to achieve the "CAMP" certification from PEMAC. 

Offering Model

The courses that lead to the Asset Management Professional Program are currently offered exclusively by ‘asynchronous’ online learning. Each course is broken down into ‘weeks’ of work. You can do your weekly assignments on your own schedule. Opportunities to connect with your classmates and instructor are (for the most part) through online discussion forums.

How to Enroll

Public offerings of PEMAC's online Asset Management Professional program will be transitioning, course by course, from its current home at Humber College to Northern Lakes College.

The transition will give anyone who has started their program with Humber College the opportunity to complete the program with Humber College.

PEMAC will accept course transcripts from either institution when considering applicants for the CAMP certification. 

We look forward to working with both institutions during the transition period.

The schedule for the transition will be as follows:


Humber College has the option to offer the following courses

Northern Lakes College has the option to offer the following courses

Jan 2020

4, 5, 61, 2, 3

​Apr 2020

5, 61, 2, 3, 4

Sept 2020

61, 2, 3, 4, 5

Jan 2021

 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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Features and Benefits

  • One language
  • One team
  • A selection of improvement tools
  • Focus on ROI
  • Cross-functional alignment 

Improve the performance of your organization through learning that is:

Accessible, Applied Learning 

  • Accessible to mid-career professionals
  • Instructors are most typically practicing professionals 
  • Opportunities to apply the learning to the participants' workplace context are included in projects and assignments
  • Opportunities to meet and share learning with peers from a variety of regions (online), backgrounds and industries
  • Each program culminates in a final project where the participants apply key concepts from each of the courses


  • Designed and maintained by PEMAC member subject matter experts
  • Independent from consulting services and product sales
  • Delivered through post-secondary institutions
  • Developed with the support of a grant that was awarded to PEMAC by the Province of Ontario in 2013, as part to the Sector Initiatives Fund program under the Ontario Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities


  • With the bodies of knowledge of leading Maintenance Management and Asset Management professional bodies

  • With ISO 5500x standards


by Professional Bodies and Government Institutions 

  • Completion of the AMP program (or equivalent education and experience) leads to the  "CAMP professional designation" issued by PEMAC
  • Qualifies for Continuing Education Units for Engineers and Engineering Technologists. AMP courses 1 through 5 each account for 30 hours of "lessons". Consult your P.Eng or CET association for more information. 
  • AMP is recognized by the Canadian Network of Asset Managers (CNAM) Education, Research and Training committee

Employer Recognition

We have learned from our experience with MMP that employer recognition builds gradually based on the demonstrated performance of graduates. If you happen see employer recognition in any Career Listings, please let us know! We'll collect sightings here.


Success Stories

Check out some of the success stories of other professionals who have received value from participating in PEMAC education with an authorized post-secondary teaching institution.

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Many of us stumble into asset management and are doing it off the side of our desks. The PEMAC CAMP program provided me the fundamentals of AM practices and helped me pause and rethink how we do our work.

- Eugene Wat, CAMP, Manager of Infrastructure Planning at City of New Westminster 

The CAMP Certificate Program allowed me to broaden my asset management knowledge and acquire new skills worth every effort. My participation in this program is a testament of our Executive leadership Team in championing and promoting the implementation of asset management  best practices  that will ultimately benefit the organization and the community as a whole.

- Akli Ben-Anteur, M. Eng., M. PM., PMP, P.Eng., CAMP,  Water and Wastewater Projects Engineer at City of Greater Sudbury

I am now performing in my current role with greater confidence, from the knowledge and skills acquired from my active participation in the course.

- Patrick Iwelu, P.Eng., Major Maintenance Analyst, Facilities, Public Works Department at Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

Thank you to the instructors for sharing their knowledge and insight throughout the Asset Management Professional program.  I found the courses enjoyable and challenging as I had not taken an asynchronous course before.  I learned a tremendous amount, and believe the Capstone project was the perfect way to tie it all together in the end.

- Jason Myers, Integrated Logistics Support

The AMP program has brought both my personal and professional capabilities to a level I was unaware I could achieve. I now have the tools to tackle challenges with higher level understandings and approach.

- Dean Hendrickson, CAMP,  Asset Manager, Hydro at Northwest Territories Power Corporation

The best part about the [AMP] program, is the alignment with ISO55000x family of standards, the IAM's Asset Management Anatomy and the GFMAM's Asset Management Landscape. This means that our training is global, sees no industry boundary and we graduated with a full understanding of the main standards governing our craft. The other complimentary benefit of this program is based on the fact that we were all from different industries in the private and public sectors, [and] we were able to see how well the practices worked in varying business environments.

- Suzane Greeman, ASQ-CMQOE, CAMA, CAMP, CMRP, MBA, Principal Asset Management Advisor, Greeman Asset Management Solutions

Many times front line professionals and top leaders within an organization do not speak the same language when it comes to asset management. The Asset Management Professional (AMP) program closes the gap between these groups so that all sides are approaching asset management strategy from a holistic view. When everyone at the table can speak in the same language, the organization's asset management strategy will be successful.  

- Vincent Okojie, MMP, CMRP, CAMP, Reliability Superintendent, Vale

Completing the Certified Asset Management Program was a great experience. Many of the participants were from disciplines outside of my comfort zone, which is maintenance and reliability. It was very interesting and informative to see how they approached the topics from their perspective. It was great to learn that Asset Management did not equal Maintenance and Reliability and in fact, was not just about Managing Assets! I will certainly take the learnings from the program and use them to help my organization become a more productive and profitable company.

- Cliff Williams, CAMP, Corporate Maintenance Manager at ERCO Worldwide