CAMA Certification

The goal of the Certified Asset Management Assessor certification process is to help individuals who are interested in promoting themselves as asset management assessors to demonstrate they have a minimum necessary asset management knowledge and experience, as well as knowledge of ISO 5500x, to serve as part of an ISO 5500x certification-of-organizations process. 

By extension CAMA certification of individuals will help organizations wishing to certify themselves to ISO 5500x to identify credible assessors and auditors. Note that the focus of the certification is subject area knowledge. Generic knowledge of ISO processes, assessment and auditing is not covered by this exam.

CAMA certification is granted upon successful completion of a 2 hour exam and demonstration of relevant experience. The exam has been designed to test for knowledge defined in the Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management (GFMAM) document, “GFMAM ISO 55001 Auditor/Assessor Specification“. CAMA has been developed and is offered by the World Partners in Asset Management, a partnership of non-profit professional associations including the Asset Management Council (Australia), the Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (USA), ABRAMAN (Brazil), IFRAMI (France) and PEMAC (Canada).


The Institute for Asset Management (IAM) and the World Partners in Asset Management (WPiAM) mutually recognize the IAM Certificate and CAMA Certification as equivalent and for a fee will co-register individuals who hold the alternate certification.

CAMA Preparation:

Experienced asset management practitioners are likely to be successful with a careful reading of the ISO 5500x series of documents.


Individuals who successfully complete Course 1 of the PEMAC Asset Management Professional Program will be well prepared to challenge the CAMA exam.

More information about CAMA is available on the World Partner’s site

CAMA Exam Schedule

Pre-scheduled CAMA exams for Canada and the world are listed on the website*.

* If there is no exam sitting listed near you, PEMAC staff will be happy to arrange one. Please contact for more information.

CAMA Certificants are listed on the WPiAM website:

List of CAMA Certificants