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PEMAC recognizes distinguished contributions to the association and the profession through its annual awards program.

Asset Management Leadership Award

Category: Asset Management

Type: Individual

Leadership can be defined as influencing people towards a shared vision and purpose.

Leadership enables teamwork to be translated into planned results that enable growth towards excellence in a way that adds value.

Leadership behaviours become embedded into organizational culture when there is no longer a single leader, but rather a team of people showing leadership behaviours guided by shared values and beliefs in alignment with both organizational and asset management objectives.

Do you know a PEMAC member who has contributed to building a culture of proactive asset management in their organization(s) or within Canada?  We invite you to nominate a worthy candidate!

Adapted from Global Forum on Maintenance & Asset Management (GFMAM) the Asset Management Landscape, Second Edition.


Nominations Process:

All PEMAC Awards are limited to PEMAC Members. Corporate Awards are for Corporate Members, Individual Awards to individual members. You can join here. 

Nominations are currently closed! Thank you to those who took the time to nominate a candidate for this year's PEMAC Awards. 

See you at the PEMAC Awards Ceremony at MainTrain 2022 in Toronto!

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