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Union Gas - The Road to Maintenance Excellence

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014
In 2012, Union Gas – Storage & Transmission Operations (STO) engaged in an improvement initiative called Maintenance Excellence. The motive for engaging in this initiative was the desire to identify and address underlying workforce productivity and reliability issues as well as concerns which remained transparent as STO continued to meet customer demands. This presentation is about Union Gas’ journey from its beginnings in 2012 to its current state today as they continue to pursue Maintenance Excellence. During this session we will discuss Union Gas Storage and Transmission Operations’ journey into Maintenance Excellence. Learn to move from an organization with little documented process and heavy reliance on tribal knowledge to one organized around strong work management processes with the structure to support this. This session will discuss key transformation considerations related to structure, change management and performance measurement.
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MainTrain 2014
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Presentation Slides
Presentation Paper
Asset Management Framework Subject: 
03 Lifecycle Delivery, 3.05 Maintenance Delivery
Maintenance Management Framework Subject: 
01 Business & Organization Context, 1.1 Requirements & Expectations, 02 Maintenance Program Mgmt, 2.0 Maintenance Program Mgmt General, 10 Continuous Improvement, 10.3 Maintenance Management Improvements, 10.5 Asset Reliability Improvements
Author Title: 
Manager of Process Improvement and Planning
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Spectra Energy
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Mike is the Manager of Storage and Transmission Operations Process Improvement and Planning and Union Gas Limited which is a Business Unit Operating within Spectra Energy in Ontario, Canada. The Process Improvement and Planning Group has accountability for business process development, documentation and improvement as well as providing leadership on many company-wide projects and initiatives. Mike has over 10 years of experience in Maintenance and Operations in both the Pulp and Paper and the Natural Gas Industries. Mike has bachelor ’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering (Aerospace) from Carleton University and Physics from the University of Waterloo.