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Interested in having a team of professionals from your organization participate in the PEMAC programs and earn a certification all from the comfort of your office? On-site delivery of the PEMAC programs through accredited teaching institutions is an option and can be customized to suit your organization's needs.

Practitioners from across your organization can go on a learning journey together to gain maintenance and asset management insights that they can immediately apply, while working towards a certification.

Did you know there is FUNDING available for PEMAC programs?


Maintenance Management Professional (MMP) 

The Maintenance Management Professional certificate program focusses on the tools, techniques, strategies and skills necessary for effective management of a business’s existing physical assets. Graduates have the knowledge and skills to drive improvements in uptime, production capacity, equipment reliability, safety, environmental compliance, economic life of assets, return on investment and effective communication between departments.

Developed and authorized by PEMAC, the MMP education program consists of eight courses, that lead to a professional certification. Courses are structured to progressively help participants understand and embrace the various concepts necessary to be effective as a maintenance and physical asset management professional. Learn more about this program here. 

The entire program or any of the individual courses can be delivered on site at your organization in a variety of ways. For more information about delivering the MMP courses on site connect with a teaching institution or email or call (905) 823 7255 extension 3.

Asset Management Professional Program (AMP) 

The Asset Management Professional program is designed for mid-career professionals from a variety of backgrounds (IT, engineering and business management) who have responsibility for managing decisions with respect to the core life cycle functions such as design, selection, operation, maintenance of an organization’s assets. It introduces the participants to the latest in strategic asset management thinking, develops the capacity to engage others and build their knowledge and skill in key subject areas such as risk management, knowledge management (enterprise database systems) and introduces tools for strategic decision making at each stage of the asset lifecycle. Learn more about this program here.

AMP Program Course One of the program focuses on Asset Management Principles and Strategic Development, and is available as a five day face to face course on site. Gain an overview of the essentials of Asset Management in the context of ISO 5500x and identify opportunities for application of Asset Management concepts in your organization to realize value. Begin to discover Asset Management decision-making tools. For more information about a custom offering of this course contact Northern Lakes College at or call (780) 849-8623.

An Asset Management workshop for senior leaders either as a one, two or three day delivery is also available. Using key elements from the AMP program course one, PEMAC delivers a custom training program to your organization that will provide participants with an overview of the essentials of Asset Management in the context of ISO 5500x while identifying opportunities for application of Asset Management concepts at your organization to realize value. Participants will discover through fundamental Asset Management knowledge that everyone has a role to play in an effective Asset Management strategy. Through a series of insights, examples and activities participants will begin to understand how they can collaborate on an Asset Management approach that is aligned between departments and to the organization’s overall strategy. Key topics include: the concepts of Asset Management and ISO 5500x; the influence of strategic objectives; leadership as a guide to success; risk profile; alignment throughout the organization; plus much more. For more information about this workshop contact PEMAC at or call (905) 823 7255 extension 3.

Becoming a Certified Asset Management Assessor Course

The “Certified Asset Management Assessor” (CAMA) certification establishes an individual's credentials in asset management knowledge and comprehension, globally. Developed and authorized by PEMAC this course prepares asset management professionals who are considering writing the Certified Asset Management Assessor Exam. CAMA certification is not only for current or future assessors. This certification benefits processionals who want to demonstrate their understanding of true asset management and the new standard for management systems for AM for which ISO 55001 exists. This course is ideal for professionals with a variety of backgrounds (engineering, business management, project management, consulting, operations) who are responsible for physical asset management and have five or more years of experience. Learn more about the course here

The Becoming a Certified Asset Management Assessor Course is available both in person and online as a private offering for your organization. For more information about a custom offering of this course contact Northern Lakes College at or call (780) 849-8623

Available Funding Opportunities

The grants listed below have been leveraged by employers to subsidize the costs of employee training in PEMAC authorized programs. If you are aware of others not listed please send a note to

Canada-Alberta Job Grant
*Temporary changes to Canada-Alberta Job Grant have been put in place to allow access to training funds to business' with 4 or fewer employees, as well as employed family members of eligible employers.  

Canada-British Columbia Job Grant

Canada-Manitoba Job Grant

Canada-New Brunswick Job Grant

Canada-Nova Scotia Job Grant

Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Job Grant

Canada-Ontario Job Grant  

Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant

Federation of Canadian Municipalities 

Funding is also available for individuals in some provinces: 

Ontario Second Career Funding

Success Stories

Check out some of the success stories of organizations who have received value from teaming up with an authorized post-secondary teaching institution to access on site offerings PEMAC programs for teams of employees:

Presstran Industries and Fanshawe College

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