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Enhancing Electrical Maintenance Surveillance Systems

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Electrical Maintenance Surveillance Technologies refers to condition based monitoring technology and equipment used every day to inspect electrical distribution assets. These surveillance and inspection systems determine the condition of the individual asset or system being inspected and include but are not limited to: infrared thermography, airborne ultrasound, motor current analysis, partial discharge testing, corona cameras and visual inspections. The implementation challenge is that the inspection and surveillance equipment utilized yield their most valuable results when inspecting electrical distribution equipment that is operating under full load conditions. This is also when they are both most dangerous to maintenance personnel and of the greatest value to the process they are powering. The surveillance equipment implemented normally requires direct access or direct line of sight to the energized components inside the electrical system.  This requires panels to be open which is an extremely dangerous condition. In many cases the posted Arc Fault Currents are too high and legal access is prohibited. This webcast will show how EDSD technologies maintain the energized compartment’s closed and guarded condition ensuring that personnel are not endangered. Participants will learn how the design allows the required test equipment to be used safely at any time, especially when equipment is under full load conditions which is when the inspection yields its greatest value.

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Leader Product Development
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Rudy is an Electrical  Engineer whose career has revolved around designing electrical distribution systems for industrial, commercial and power generation applications for both high efficiency and reliability.  Rudy spent 15 years working in designing and implementing energy efficiency and Power Quality mitigation strategies for Fortune 500 clients including Ford, General Motors, United Parcel Service, Merck and many others.  This was followed 8 years in the Renewable Energy sector working to improve the reliability of commercial rooftop and utility scale solar power generation facilities.  Most recently, he leads product development at IRISS Inc. in Bradenton, Florida working on Critical Asset Surveillance Technologies to provide early warning of potential electrical equipment failure and to automate maintenance record keeping with Internet of Things technologies.  Rudy also holds an MBA from the University of Toronto.