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PEMAC Acknowledges International Volunteer Day


What does volunteer engagement in Asset Management mean in Canada?

In 2019, Canada’s infrastructure deficit was over $150 billion. The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) indicates that Canadian municipalities own about 60% of the infrastructure that individuals, communities and businesses need to operate; i they estimated that municipally controlled water and wastewater facilities alone needed over $50 billion to renew infrastructure in poor or very poor condition. The cost of emergency infrastructure to address costs relating to natural disasters are forecast to rise to $5 billion annually by 2020 and to over $20 billion annually in 2050. ii The federal government plans a total of $3.6 billion for disaster recovery between 2023-2033.iii Add to this the costs of maintaining energy, food, transportation, mining and other services, and the case for pro-active maintenance, reliability and asset management strategies and practices becomes clear. 

What would PEMAC look like if everyone did?

A network of diverse professionals addressing some of Canada's most important and costly issues by volunteering to generate pro-active, low-cost solutions to improve reliability, maintenance and asset management processes facing Canadian infrastructure and by doing so, enhance the lives of individuals, organizations and the communities they serve.

Proudly on International Volunteer Day, we recognize and celebrate the PEMAC volunteers who dedicate their time and effort to position PEMAC as a leader in Asset Management in Canada and the world and we ask others to consider, 'What if everyone did?'

The contributions made by members who engage in PEMAC initiatives drive the association's profession-influencing efforts to enhance professionals and in turn organizations that seek to lower costs associated with poor Maintenance and Asset Management by collectively generating innovative and effective solutions that ultimately impact the well-being of the public.

You can make a difference. Just ask yourself, 'What if I did?'

To learn more about joining our proud, active and engaged volunteer community by reading our Volunteer Engagement Primer.

Access the Volunteer Engagement Primer

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