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  • Practical ways to integrate the lessons learned

    For Round Table discussion 4 of 5 on May 7th, Susan Lubell and Al Johnson demonstrated a very practical way to integrate lessons learned so far from Covid-19 and that is... to host a structured round table discussion!

  • What should be prioritized and what can be deferred? Cliff Williams

    Deciding What Can be Deferred

    Seeking to be of service to our members at this time we asked a team of PEMAC volunteers what their specific challenges were with the theory that other members likely had similar challenges.  One said that his team was challenged to figure out how their upcoming shutdown schedule could go forward as originally-planned due to staffing limitations with the

  • Emotional First Aid - Lessons Learned from COVID19

    Emotional First Aid

    We asked a team of volunteers how we can best be of assistance to our members during this time. One said he had never had to deal with so many emotional issues from staff. One of the issues was his team facing was moral dilemmas - his team members have a high sense of duty to both their team, which provides an essential service, and their families.

  • Working from home? Ideas for leveraging this time.

    With many people at home either due to the closure of their operations, self-isolation protocols, or as a proactive measure to reduce non-essential staff on site, some might question how these individuals can be productive, particularly when assets are not operating.