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Webcast: Asset Management and ISO 5500x - The Asset Management System Standard

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Friday, February 14, 2014


  • What is Asset Management?
  • History of Asset Management
  • Asset Management Today
  • Definitions from ISO 55000
  • Core Questions
  • Who will adopt?
  • Strategic Benefits
  • Tactical Benefits
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Practitioner Produced
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Asset Management Framework Subject: 
00 Asset Management - General, 03 Lifecycle Delivery, 3.05 Maintenance Delivery
Maintenance Management Framework Subject: 
01 Business & Organization Context, 1.1 Requirements & Expectations, 02 Maintenance Program Mgmt, 2.0 Maintenance Program Mgmt General
Author Title: 
Corporate Maintenance Manager
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ERCOR Worldwide
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Cliff is author of the best selling maintenance novel ‘People – A Reliability Success Story’. He is a maintenance educator and a keynote speaker at conferences around the world. Cliff has worked in the steel, pulp and paper industries as well as for food giants Coca Cola, Kraft and Wrigleys. Cliff’s focus has always been on developing the systems and people he has worked with – whatever the industry. Cliff is Corporate Maintenance Manager with ERCO Worldwide a Canadian Chemical manufacturer with plants in North and South America.