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Requirements - Gathering for Effective Change Management

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Operations management practitioners face several challenges in optimizing the usage of CMMS and AMS solutions. One of the critical tasks in an increasingly complex environment is ensuring that software solutions keep pace with legislative, productivity and efficiency based requirements. Participants in this session will see how operations management thinkers, among them management theorists and organizational behaviorists in particular, have introduced terms like 'big data', 'refresh' and 'disruptive management' in attempts to stimulate thinking around solution development. See how recent experiences from City of Toronto operating divisions with introducing software solutions illustrate the importance of documenting and validating specific and inter-divisional needs as 'beacons' for project management. Effective and efficient management of internal and external stakeholders requires documented artifacts that are constant throughout the project life cycle. Discover how the absence of such artifacts simply permits changes in scope, requirements and expectations.

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MainTrain 2016
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Presentation Slides
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04 Asset Information, 4.04 Data & Information Management, 05 Organization & People, 5.01 Procurement & Supply Chain Management, 5.04 Organizational Culture, 06 Risk and Review, 6.04 Management of Change
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02 Maintenance Program Mgmt, 2.8 Change Management, 09 Information Management, 9.1 Information Systems
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Manager of Information Systems
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City of Toronto's Water Division
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Faisal Shaheen has 20 years of experience that includes strategic policy, business development and marketing strategy within the environmental technology and public policy sectors.  His project portfolio has employed market research, project/contract management, econometrics, value chain analysis, accountability mechanisms, best practices and transparency based instruments; to better serve the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability objectives of agile technology firms and municipal organizations.Faisal has a B.Sc. (Biology and Environmental Science) from the University of Toronto as well as an MBA (Strategy and Sustainability) from the Schulich School of Business and an MA (Public Policy and Administration) from Ryerson University.  Faisal is currently completing a PhD in Policy Studies, also at Ryerson.