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Reliability Engineer – What should be your role?

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Monday, March 12, 2018

<p>Reliability engineers in industry are often thrown into the position with very little knowledge about what they&rsquo;re supposed to do. Or, sometimes, the organization isn&rsquo;t set up to take advantage of what a reliability engineer can do. Sometimes these engineers have the theoretical knowledge from college but never learned what will be used in the real world. This presentation will address all the basics a new reliability engineer must know. We&rsquo;ll focus on managing existing equipment and provide an overview of the reliability engineer&rsquo;s role in new equipment procurement and design. We&rsquo;ve found that the role of a reliability engineer is not often clear; in fact, many reliability engineers end up doing a lot of work not always related to what they should do.</p>

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00 Maintenance Management - General, 1.0 Business & Org Context General, 1.1 Requirements & Expectations, 1.2 Enablers & Constraints, 1.4 Strategic Maintenance Plan, 02 Maintenance Program Mgmt, 2.1 Maintenance Requirements, 2.2 Organizational Structure, 04 Tools and Tactics, 4.0 Tools and Tactics General, 4.1 Reliability Centered Maint., 5.0 Maintenance and Reliability Eng General, 5.1 Stats Analysis / Analytical Methods, 06 Work Management, 6.2 Work Planning, 6.3 Work Scheduling & Coordination, 6.4 Backlog Management, 6.7 Shutdowns & Turnarounds, 07 Human Resource Management, 7.0 Human Resource Mgmt General, 7.2 Education, Training & Development, 7.3 Skills & Qualification Mgmt, 7.4 Roles & Responsibilities
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Tor Idhammar is the President of  IDCON, Inc. He has worked in over 60 organizations in 15 countries in industries such as food, pulp and paper, mining, steel, oil and gas, chemical, and discrete manufacturing.  He writes a monthly maintenance column in the European reliability magazine U & D and in TAPPI’s “Paper 360 Magazine” and has written four books. He also has worked at MA-systems and has served the Army.  He possesses a Bachelors of Science in industrial engineering from North Carolina State University and a Masters of Science in mechanical engineering from Lund University, Sweden.