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Philosophy of Reliable Machinery Installation

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Tuesday, April 5, 2022

This presentation is a holistic approach to precision machinery installation. We all know very well that the installation has direct impact on the performance and the operating life of the rotating equipment. In my presentation first I speak about the importance of standardization of the installation procedures based on existing standards such as API, ISO, NORSOK, ASME and ANSI. Second I speak about the importance of trainings in Installation procedures and the culture of teaching and sharing the knowledge among the team members including the suppliers. And finally the importance of documentation. The collection and transfer of data during the installation phase, though Commissioning and Site testing and then handing over the equipment to the Operations. I also provide a suggestion how to improve and optimize the installation work.

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Presentation Slides
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3.00 Lifecycle Delivery General, 3.05 Maintenance Delivery, 05 Organization & People, 5.05 Competence Management
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02 Maintenance Program Mgmt, 2.1 Maintenance Requirements, 03 Asset Strategy Management, 3.0 Asset Strategy Management General, 04 Tools and Tactics, 4.0 Tools and Tactics General, 05 Maintenance & Reliability Engineering, 5.0 Maintenance and Reliability Eng General, 7.0 Human Resource Mgmt General, 7.2 Education, Training & Development, 7.3 Skills & Qualification Mgmt
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Senior Reliability Engineer
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Easy-Laser AB
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As a mechanical engineer specify in rotating equipment I have been working for more than 20 years in the field as Service manager, Assembly manager and Commissioner all over the world. Assembling and starting complex gas compression systems for Oxygen production, Petrochemical industry, and Oil and Gas. Now, I'm in charge of corporate training program at Easy/Laser AB Sweden. My mission now is to teach and train Reliable procedures for machinery installation and precision maintenance practices.