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Establishing a Governance Model to support AM Development

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Thursday, December 13, 2018

The structural configuration of an organizational design is the way work is divided and how it achieves co-ordination among its various work activities around the assets’ lifecycles. An organizational design structure resolves two basic tasks to get work done: dividing up the work into logical units, which enables performance management, and ensuring the work gets done by providing the co-ordination and control of work. In this webcast we’ll look at four models and discuss their advantages and disadvantages and present suitable information on typical roles and responsibilities that will be reflective of the selected model. The goal of asset management (AM) is to ensure that an organization’s staff is always working on the right activities at the right time, for the right reason, and for right cost. The AM governance model is intended to ensure there is effective collaboration and co-ordination to make this happen around all business processes. With the right AM governance model, overall AM program development can be expedited and new ways of working can be quickly integrated into the organization’s AM culture. We’ll provide the actual results from a number of case studies to demonstrate the value of designing and implementing the most appropriate AM governance model for your organization.

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01 Strategy & Planning, 1.01 Asset Management Policy, 1.02 Asset Mgmt Strategy & Objectives, 1.04 Strategic Planning, 02 Asset Management Decision Making, 2.03 Lifecycle Value Realisation, 2.04 Resourcing Strategy, 03 Lifecycle Delivery, 3.01 Technical Standards & Legislation, 3.08 Resource Management, 04 Asset Information, 4.01 Asset Information Strategy, 4.04 Data & Information Management, 05 Organization & People, 5.02 Asset Management Leadership, 5.04 Organizational Culture, 5.05 Competence Management, 06 Risk and Review, 6.05 Assets Performance & Health Monitoring, 6.06 Asset Management System Monitoring, 6.07 Management Review, Audit & Assurance, 6.08 Asset Costing & Valuation
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01 Business & Organization Context, 1.0 Business & Org Context General, 1.1 Requirements & Expectations, 03 Asset Strategy Management, 3.0 Asset Strategy Management General, 3.1 Asset Maintenance Plans, 07 Human Resource Management, 7.0 Human Resource Mgmt General
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Global Leader Asset Management
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GHD Advisory
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Roop Lutchman is a principal and the global lead for asset advisory services at GHD. He has more than 36 years of combined management consulting and industry experience. Roop is a professional engineer, a PMP, and a recognized industry expert in the advisory services area with specific focus in asset management, business optimization, knowledge and information management solutions, and project management. He is the author of three books: Computerized Work Management Systems for Utilities and Plant Operations (2003), Sustainable Asset Management (2006), and Creating and Managing Sustainable Organizations (2011). Roop was also a contributing author to the latest version of the IIMM manual. He is passionate about helping clients make the right decisions and develop the best solutions for their businesses.