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PEMAC's New AM Certifications receive Accreditation from the WPiAM

PEMAC New Asset Management Certifications receive Accreditation from the WPiAM

PEMAC Asset Management Association of Canada is proud to announce that our three new asset management certifications. CSAM, CPAM and CTAM have received global accreditation from the World Partners in Asset Management (WPiAM). 

This is a significant milestone, making it official that PEMAC’s 3 new asset management certifications are globally recognized, giving holders of these certifications the global recognition and acknowledgment of their competency as an asset management professional. 

The certification application process is currently in the pilot phase with plans to roll out the program early next year.

PEMAC recently held an information session focused on holders of PEMAC’s MMP and CAMP certifications as well as those currently enrolled in Maintenance Management Professional (MMP) and Asset Management Professional (AMP) education programs. This information session highlighted the recently launched Global Certification Scheme, the framework to which PEMAC New CSAM, CPAM & CTAM certifications are aligned. Participants were also given an idea of the assessment criteria for each certification as well as the application process.

Learn more about the road to this significant milestone in global collaboration and the professionalization of asset management. Read the road to the launch of the Global Certification Scheme. 

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