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A Major Accomplishment in Global Collaboration

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PEMAC and the World Partners in Asset Management will be launching the long awaited GCS Soon

The imminent launch of a Global Certification Scheme by the World Partners in Asset Management is the next significant milestone of a remarkable collaboration between Asset Management peak bodies from around the world. The journey began in 2014 when the World Partners in Asset Management was formed from a subset of GFMAM member organizations who were interested in cooperating to establish "Globally Recognized Credentials" in asset management by drawing on the strength and diversity of its contributing members.

As PEMAC prepares to make these new global credentials accessible to our members and potential members we offer you a glimpse, below, of the journey and encourage you to learn more by visiting both the PEMAC and WPiAM Global Credentials web pages. Between the two pages you'll get a better understanding of the meaning of these credentials as well as an idea of how they will relate to PEMAC's existing certification scheme.

WPiAM's GCS Page


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