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Welcome to National Volunteer Week


Welcome to National Volunteer Week with PEMAC

During National Volunteer Week, PEMAC celebrates its members being among approximately 24-million volunteers giving time, effort, and expertise across Canada.  

The impact made by volunteers at PEMAC cannot be understated. From its inception in 1990, volunteer efforts have advanced PEMAC as an association. Our volunteers dedicate their time, share knowledge, and contribute their expertise.  

For PEMAC’s inaugural year celebrating National Volunteer Week we honour our past volunteers, celebrate our present volunteers, and look toward our future.  

Past - Honouring the volunteers who founded PEMAC 

Though all past volunteers are too numerous to acknowledge, we have taken some time to identify those volunteers who made significant contributions during PEMAC’s founding period between 1990 and 2010. 


There are 86 PEMAC members working on over 126 volunteer engagements that advance PEMAC’s vision and mission!


To help us reach our future volunteers, several volunteers and staff shared their insights about why you might want to volunteer with PEMAC.  

Thank you and congratulations to all PEMAC members and supporters who contribute not only through PEMAC but in endless ways to their families, the organizations they work for, and the many communities with which they are associated.  

Happy National Volunteer week!