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Celebrating MMP Achievement at Cameco

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This past week, Kevin Wharmby, a Lead Maintenance Planner for Cameco Corporation, was presented with his MMP Certificate during a special presentation at Cameco's offices, surrounded by his managers and team. After two years of dedication and hard work, Kevin has successfully completed the eight modules of PEMAC's Maintenance Management Professional program and awarded his MMP Certification. 

Kevin, along with over 1300 other professionals who have completed the MMP program, are now authorized to use the MMP designation. This designation demonstrates that a high-commitment learning goal has been achieved and that Kevin and the other MMP designates, have the knowledge and skills to drive improvements in uptime, production capacity, equipment reliability, safety, environmental compliance, economic life of assets, return on investment and effective communication between departments. MMP designates are proactive in their approach and will thrive in an environment that empowers them to work with others on continuous improvement initiatives.

​Congratulations Kevin! Cameco Corporation will now have your new capabilities at their disposal in advancing their maintenance and asset management goals and strategies!

​To learn more about the Maintenance Management Program visit or email To see a complete list of MMP designates click here.

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