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PEMAC Joins Northern Lakes College Celebrating Largest MMP Capstone Graduating Class

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Last month, PEMAC Asset Management Association of Canada’s Cindy Snedden, Nicolle Guillen and Mbo Mtetwa joined Northern Lakes College’s MMP Capstone Instructors Susan Lubell and Martha Meyers, for a series of MMP Capstone presentations, celebrating the hard work and achievements of Northern Lakes College's largest graduating class of the Maintenance Management Professional (MMP) program. 

Developed and maintained by PEMAC, the MMP education program offers industry professionals the opportunity to gain a professional designation to advance in their careers in maintenance management. Northern Lakes College has been delivering the MMP program live online for more than 16 years. Practitioners from across all industries across Canada and around the world can access the courses live online from Northern Lakes College, and the many other teaching institutions that deliver the program online, face to face, and through private offerings. 

Over a series of online presentation events, fifty MMP Module 8 participants showcased their final capstone projects which demonstrated how leveraging the key learnings from the seven modules of the MMP education program can lead to operational excellence and business success, in the form of tangible improvements to business and operational practices.  

Capstone projects included examples of process improvements, interoperability of existing systems, introduction of training and onboarding programs, maintenance work management optimization plans, a variety of asset replacements, material management restructure, and so many more. Each project focused on different business drivers relating to the participants' respective organizations. All of the projects were financially justified and successfully applied the key objectives related to talent, reliability, project and work management principles, while incorporating digital technology principles.

The combined financial and cost/benefit analysis justifications for all of the projects exceeded well over $75 million in annual improvements related to such factors as increased revenue and operational capacity, decreased downtime and operational costs, increased economic life of assets and improved talent performance. Some projects even highlighted safety, and proposed improvements that would decrease risks and improve overall safety at their organization. 

This MMP Module 8 class was the largest delivered, with fifty participants from a variety of organizations across Canada.

The combined financial and cost/benefit analysis justifications for all of the projects exceeded well over $75 million in annual improvements 

PEMAC congratulates all of these recent graduates for their hard work in completing the final course and the overall program, and earning the globally recognized “MMP” designation. The association encourages them to continue to connect, learn and contribute to their organizations and the learning of others in the maintenance management community through their newly acquired knowledge and skills. 


Learn more about PEMAC’s MMP education program, which leads to the MMP certification. Still want to learn more? Listen to the latest education information session hosted by Northern Lakes College. 

For more information about the MMP certification program offered through Northern Lakes College, please contact  Continuing Education & Corporate Training at (780) 849-8623 or email The NLC 2021/2022 MMP course schedule is available and registration is open.  

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