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News from the AGM

At the Annual General Meeting held on November 23rd, 2019 the PEMAC Board of Directors presented an overview of its 2020-2024 Strategic Plan.

The plan includes new vision statement.

Canadian leaders in Asset Management

And a mission statement that makes it clear that as it takes up the role of Asset Management leadership PEMAC has no intention of abandoning its roots and strength in Maintenance and Reliability management.

Enabling excellence in maintenance, reliability, and asset management through collaboration, applied learning, and leadership.

The clear message delivered at the AGM is that it's a natural and timely for PEMAC to step into a leadership and advocacy role in the developing field of Asset Management in Canada and we believe that while we do that we can continue to value and develop our strengths in Maintenance and Reliability. The board and committee have wrestled with the need to support current members, build on our strength and look toward our future.  Our members, even today, are in different levels in the organisations we serve and we come from a myriad of backgrounds. If we are going to deliver value back to our members we have to recognise that collectively, all of us work in the field of asset management. The 5 pillars of the new strategic plan are designed to address that balance and keep us vital, growing and moving forward to the future.

Interestingly two people who commented at the AGM came from the spectrum of backgrounds described above:

"I just want to say that as a new member I specifically got involved as a result of the Asset Management side of things. I’m an accountant, not an engineer. But I’m eager to be more involved in AM as it continues to evolve. Membership is not currently a requirement for the municipality I work for so I paid from my own pocket and look forward to the benefits to come."

"I come from the other side… I train the people who do the actual maintenance. It’s important not to lose the MMP because that’s what gives people like us access to the higher level of asset management. MMP is a good way for people to come into it. I’m glad to see that this strategic direction is working from both sides. It’s natural for maintenance management to flow into asset management, it really supports it."

Special Resolution to Change the Name

The special resolution to change the name of the association to PEMAC Asset Management Association of Canada was passed at the AGM.

This change will not take effect immediately. The resolution, now passed by the members, has given the Board of Directors the required authorization to take the next practical steps and make an application for a name change to Corporations Canada.