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Global Recognition for PEMAC's AMP and MMP Education Offerings

PEMAC's Asset Management Professional (AMP) and Maintenance Management Professional (MMP) education offerings are internationally recognized as some of the most comprehensive asset management and maintenance management programs available. These programs are designed to provide professionals with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to excel in their careers and become effective asset management and maintenance management leaders who make an impact.

Recently the World Partners in Asset Management (WPiAM), a non-profit organization that has developed a Global Certification Scheme to provide a means for the global recognition of asset management competency, assessed PEMAC’s education programs and determined that individuals who have completed all or part of PEMAC's Maintenance Management Professional (MMP) and Asset Management Professional (AMP) program will receive significant credit toward the knowledge requirements for CTAM, CPAM and CSAM Certifications.  

More information about how PEMAC’s education programs advance an individual on the path to globally Aligned Asset Management Certifications is available through the link below.

Learn More about the Globally Aligned Certifications

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