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Join the Pilot of MMP Module 7: Maintenance Information Management


PEMAC is excited to announce that transformation is coming to one of the Maintenance Management Profession (MMP) modules.

Over the past year, PEMAC, together with a group of dedicated volunteer subject matter experts, has been recreating MMP Module 7. Previously focused on Computerized Maintenance Management Systems and its features, benefits, and effective use; the new version of MMP Module 7 will focus on Maintenance Information Management. 

The new curriculum will demonstrate why collecting and managing maintenance information is important for realizing value from assets and aligning maintenance management with the organization's overall objectives. Participants will learn when and where maintenance information is critical within the asset’s lifecycle, and particularly within the maintenance management functions. This module will also discuss the processes and tools that create, collect, and manage maintenance information, and how to manage data efficiently and effectively. Upon completion, participants will recognize maintenance management processes and information systems that define, collect and, transform data and information to underpin decision-making foundations. 

We are thrilled to be piloting this new curriculum with Humber College on May 9 through July 18, and again at Bow Valley Jul 8, 9, 29 & 30, 2022. Registration is open and available to anyone who would like to join us for this new version of MMP Module 7. Already MMP certified? You will still benefit from participating in this new version of the module that takes a broader look at maintenance information then the past version of the module.

The new version of MMP module 7 will be rolled out to all teaching institution partners this Fall.  For more information contact Nicolle Guillen at

Special thanks to our lead SMEs: Abrar Ahmad & Richard Beer, and extraordinary contributors Adrian de Groot, MMP Brian Malloch and Roger Davies

Humber's course is already underway. You can still Register Here  for the pilot of MMP Module 7 at Bow Valley College.