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Winnipeg Meet and Greet

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Photo from the event. Folks looking on as individual makes a presentation

Winnipeg members, Neil Abercrombie and Suzane Greeman undertook to gather up interested individuals to a Meet and Greet event on November 2nd with the aim of forming a Winnipeg chapter of the Plant Engineering and Maintenance Association of Canada. They put together a great set of presentations on asset management, role of PEMAC, and the value of membership. The great news is that as a result of the meeting an application for a new chapter has been formally submitted for consideration by the Board of Directors.

One of the meeting participants observed, based on the attendance, that there is strong cross-sector interest in PEMAC and it's activities:

There was strong representation from Veolia, City of Winnipeg WWS staff, attendance from Manitoba Hydro, Boeing, Sysco, WRHA, and two consulting firms who manage assets for the federal government and northern affairs. It was obvious in conversation with many of these individuals that asset management is a newer corporate effort, and that several people were still in their learning curve. Other attendees were more experienced, but open to get more support and dialog with others in the local industry.