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Update: May 2021 GFMAM Meetings


For over 10 years GFMAM has maintained a pace of two major meetings every year which typically span three working days and are held in conjunction with attendance and contributions to a member’s conference. 

The first quarter 2021 meeting held in May was the third to be held virtually due to the pandemic. A schedule of 6 x 4-hour meetings over a two-week period came close to matching our past level of collaboration while accommodating attendees from global time zones.

Susan Lubell and Cindy Snedden represented PEMAC at this series of meetings.

May Meeting Highlights


Board elections that would normally have been held in the 4th quarter of 2020, but which had been postponed, were carried out online. Elected to Director positions were:

Edmea Adell, IFRAMI
Vlad Bacalu, SMRP
Johannes Coetzee, SAAMA
Mahmood Mirza, GSMR
Christian Roberts, IAM

The Board later selected its officers: Chair, Johannes Coetzee; Vice-Chair, Mahmood Mirza; Treasurer, Edmea Adell.

New Member Joins the GFMAM

MAPMA – The Malaysian Asset and Project Management Association was conditionally accepted as the newest GFMAM member organization pending payment of membership dues.

Project Progress

PEMAC has contributed significantly to all of the GFMAM projects that have recently been completed and are pending publication on the GFMAM website.

There are two projects currently on deck and we expect to engage a broader cross-section of PEMAC members in both of these:

  1. Establishment of World Maintenance Day
  2. Third edition of the Asset Management Landscape

We invite you to read more about the progress of these projects in the Communique.