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Maintenance Team of the Year Nomination

​The Awards Committee is pleased to announce the development of a two new awards for 2018, "Maintenance Team of the Year, Large Organization" and "Maintenance Team of the Year, Small Organization".


The Maintenance Team of the Year

  • Has sustained high performance -or- has initiated work on a maintenance improvement plan which is on schedule -or-has reorganized for effectiveness and efficiency -or- has developed and is implementing a training and development plan, AND
  • Has established control over frequent breakdowns and reactive maintenance by employing such tactics as planning and scheduling, materials control, preventive/predictive maintenance, performance measures and information systems. In this plant maintenance is well out of the fire-fighting / reactive mode, AND
  • Has initiated a continuous improvement process in maintenance, such as TPM, RCFA, RCM, and/or operator involvement (autonomous maintenance / 5S), AND
  • Has improved the administrative or work flow management processes to reduce costs, improve service, save time or enhance quality of work done, AND
  • Provide an in-house survey of plant performance using the “Uptime Excellence Grid” with all scores at or above “Understanding” and at least 3 scores of “Competence” or higher.

Why "Large Organization" & "Small Organization"?

Large and small organizations are fundamentally different and it would be difficult to compare teams fairly across a certain break point. Small teams can make decisions and implement more quickly. They can also function on a very informal basis and still get things done. Adding bureaucracy and formality to how they operate can actually slow them down. On the other hand, when an organization reaches a certain size more formality is required for smooth functioning.

Definition of "Small Organization"

A team will be considered for the Small Organization Award if their organization has 150 employees are fewer.

Definition of "Large Organization"

A team will be considered for the Large Organization Award if their organization has more than 150 employees.

Nomination Process

To be eligible for Maintenance Team of the Year, the team must be employed in Canada at the time of submission. The team may nominate itself with validation of their submission by their plant / site manager. No member of the judging committee may participate as a candidate or by making a nomination. All submissions must include name and contact information for the person making the nomination and the person seconding the nomination. Those individuals must work with the nominated candidate either as employer, employees, contractors or consultants.

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