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Professionals met this month in Calgary to Learn & Connect


PEMAC's Alberta Chapter hosted an amazing evening of learning and networking this month for maintenance and asset management professionals in the Calgary area. Professionals from across multiple industries met to connect, learn and contribute. 

This knowledge filled evening featured two informative presentations. Marius Stoian and Edwin Fung from ENMAX presented: Monitoring and Understanding the Health of our Wind Turbine Gearboxes. Their engaging presentation told the story of a project at the Kettles Hill Wind Farm that brought the condition monitoring system online. This involved the installation included both the Bently Nevada vibration monitoring system as well as the GasTops oil particle detection system.The two condition based monitoring systems provides ENMAX (as well as Vestas) the ability to trend and predict failures in the ENMAX V80 fleet. Attendees heard how it has assisted maintenance crews with directing their attention to problem areas before they become catastrophic. Marius and Edwin shared how three potential gearbox failures (one repeat offender) have already been identified and have been repaired. Attendees learned about Enmax's journey and were able to learn how they too could apply some of ENMAX's learnings to their own organizations.

​Rob Arseneau was also on hand at the event to present: Reliability in Focus – “A Team Sport”. Rob delved into the concept of reliability being a team sport. To understand this statement he broke it down into the defined terms. The term “team” infers that there are 2 or more players (roles) working together with a common goal.  The term “sport” infers that there are skills required to meet the goal.   The presentation demonstrated how Suncor approaches Reliability as a “Team Sport” by understanding the skills and actions required to achieve our reliability goal and the roles required in executing these skilled actions that enable reliable assets. Attendees learned how they could be contributing to reliability through skilled actions and that it required a deep understanding of what reliability is, why it is important and which skills and actions belong to each role.  They saw that the ability to differentiate between reliable actions as they relate is critical in how each role contributes to reliability.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for a wonderful evening. A special thank you to our event sponsor: UE Systems.

We look forward to seeing you at the next Chapter event on February 28. Be sure to bring a colleague and share in the great networking opportunity available through the PEMAC Alberta Chapter.

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