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PEMAC represents Canada at the Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management.

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The face-to-face meeting scheduled for the first half of 2020 was originally intended to be hosted in Brighton, UK from June 22 - 26, 2020 concurrent with the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) annual conference.

Rapidly adapting to change

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic required us to adapt our plans very quickly, moving the meetings to an online platform for the same week originally planned.

This posed a challenge as our meetings, normally occurring in person over the better part of a week and involving workshop type sessions, require multi-participant discussion with several different sub-groups. Another challenge is that the participants are from almost the full range of world time zones.

GFMAM moved swiftly and transferred all meetings and collaboration content over to Microsoft Teams as a single platform. The Teams platform greatly assisted in running the various sessions effectively, with participants joining in real-time from across the globe.

Overcoming this challenge opened the possibility to explore other opportunities to extend our collaboration.  A great example of this is that many member associations have moved their planned events online and are now extending member pricing to members of all GFMAM societies. The world is now more than ever coming together in real-time to promote Maintenance and Asset Management.

In Memoriam

Passing of Hans Klemme-Wolff, First GFMAM Chairman

We were deeply saddened by the news of the recent passing of Hans Klemme-Wolff who was a founding member, first Chairman and a significant organizing force for the establishment of the Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management. During our meetings this week we reflected with amazement on the achievement of this global collaboration. We are grateful for very determined efforts of the founders, Hans in particular, who began with only a vision to forge connections that now, with relative ease, yield benefits for our profession and society.

Strategy Update

The GFMAM strategy was again reviewed during the general meeting and the status of previously identified initiatives was discussed. It is very important for GFMAM as a forum to take the strategic lead in promoting an environment that stimulates growth in the Maintenance and Asset Management space. In particular, the opportunities opened by the new norm of using virtual meetings, webinars, etc. stimulated valuable insights. 

Progress on active projects is described below:

Assessor Competency Specification Review

This project is an in-depth review of the current GFMAM document, GFMAM ISO55001 Auditor/Assessor Specification. The technical review group comprised of a cross-section of members is expected to complete their review within one year. 

Asset Management System Scheme Specification

The ISO 55001 Asset Management Scheme document has been sent to Accreditation Bodies globally for consultation and feedback on their interest in the guideline document and possible application.  Several responses have been received and the intent is to review and modify the Asset Management System Scheme Specification to accommodate feedback received.  The specification, once approved by GFMAM, will then be published on the GFMAM website.

Asset Management Mapping Tool

As a service to the member societies to facilitate ongoing alignment of related content, this project sets out to map the contents of the GFMAM suite of documents to the ISO55000 and ISO55001 standards creating a visual, end-to-end traceability map The project has created a pilot HTML website by which a person can navigate their way through the GFMAM documentation and see the linkages to the relevant parts of ISO5500x. It provides a baseline for configuration for the mappings of each document and provides the means to identify the need for changes before they are made with respect to GFMAM and/or ISO5500x documentation.

All member societies agreed to support the adoption of this project as a GFMAM project. The next step is to produce an implementation plan.

Maturity Assessor Specifications

The scope of this project is to define the capability requirements for people undertaking maturity assessments of organizations that have developed their capabilities ‘beyond ISO 55001 compliance’.  It also covers how such Maturity Assessors can be recognized and guidance on the processes of maturity assessment for various purposes. This specification will align with the principles in the GFMAM Asset Management Maturity Position Statement, Version 1, October 2015.  This specification is complementary to the GFMAM ISO55001 Auditor / Assessor Specification Edition 1 v2. The project team has been extended to include new participants who have shared material with the team.  This has been used as an input to capability requirements for people undertaking maturity assessments.  The second edition of maturity statement is being finalized and will be submitted for approval in July 2020 GFMAM Members Meeting.

Criteria for Evaluating Asset Management Indicators

GFMAM has progressed a project for the criteria to evaluate Asset Management indicators. The project objective is to provide education on recommended criteria to evaluate Asset Management indicators that can be used by organizations to assess their measures and compare with other organizations in a meaningful way. A presentation on this initiative was made and there was full agreement to progress this as a GFMAM project with the intention to make the outputs available to the public.  Final review will be done not later than September 2020.

Maintenance Framework Revision

This project is an in-depth review and update to the current GFMAM Maintenance Framework document. The first edition of this document is already in use by GFMAM communities to provide an overview of the discipline of maintenance management including a structure for building a body of knowledge. This project is focusing on revisions to the first edition to remain current with the new developments in maintenance management and incorporate feedback as member societies apply the maintenance framework. In addition, the revised framework will address the maintenance and reliability professionals’ engagement needs throughout the life cycle of the physical assets including the capital phase of new assets. The revised version is ready and will be sent out to all GFMAM members for comment.

Establishment of World Maintenance Day

The objective of this project is to bring together, promote and strengthen the maintenance and asset management community worldwide.

Maintenance and the management of maintenance is a fundamental aspect of global prosperity, public safety and sustainable development. The contribution of maintenance professionals is generally invisible and underappreciated. The aim here is to elevate appreciation for the role of maintenance and maintenance management with the general public and to attract young talented graduates to this career path.  There was positive feedback from the members with a recommendation to proceed gradually with this project.


The marketing team has made significant progress: the website has been completely updated with information on all the member projects, meetings and major events.

The GFMAM LinkedIn group has been activated and we now have more than 600 professionals participating in the discussions. Every day we have a new one joining us.

The objective of our team is to further promote the GFMAM and its objectives to the wider community of professionals involved in the field.

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