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PEMAC Member Opportunity to Participate in Competency Framework Development

Volunteer Opportunity

Seeking PEMAC members to participate in a Competency Framework Development Project

PEMAC has secured the services of a competency specialist to guide the development of a competency framework for PEMAC to cover a broad range of maintenance management and asset management-related roles. To this end, PEMAC is looking to establish a small team of subject matter experts (SMEs) to provide input to the project. Team members would collaborate virtually, likely a few hours per month over the next 12 months or so, at a day and time agreed by the team. No travel is required.

PEMAC has competency framework that underlies it's existing programs and certifications. This intent of this project to validate and expand this framework and to create an end-product that can be used by third parties, especially our corporate members, as a basis for human resource development practices. As a first step in this effort, an overall competency architecture/framework must be created – this will allow the placement of competency statements in a structure that facilitates comparison across competencies, understanding of competencies in a “laddered” profession (from practicing maintenance through managing maintenance to strategic asset and reliability management).

This is a great opportunity to connect and collaborate with a team of maintenance management and asset management professionals from across Canada while contributing to an impactful project that will impact the world of asset management for years to come.


  • Knowledge and experience of professional progression paths in at least one area Maintenance, Reliability and  Asset Management subject areas as either practicing professional or as a supervisor or manager
  • Interest in or experience with applying competency frameworks 
  • Good communication skills (speaking, writing)

Interested members must express their interest and reason why they should be chosen, along with a resume, via email to: with the Subject line: Competency Framework Development project

Note that given the potential number of applicants, not all applicants will be selected. Selections will be made in 3 to 4 weeks.

We will be seeking people with a broad range of experience and expertise from public and private sectors. Please don't count yourself out if you feel your background is either to general or too specific.

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