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PEMAC Board of Directors Signing PhotoAt its face to face board meeting in Saskatoon in September, the PEMAC board of directors formalized its intention to develop a strategic relationship with CNAM, the Canadian Network of Asset Managers by signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the following stated purposes:

  • to promote and recognize PEMAC as a lead national association in cross-sector asset management in Canada
  • to position CNAM as a lead national organization in infrastructure asset management in Canada
  • to recognize the benefits of a strategic relationship between CNAM and PEMAC to promote and strengthen the communications in asset management
  • to initiate alignment of CNAM and PEMAC on asset management best practices and agreement of sharing of resources where appropriate.

The practical measures that have been committed to towards these aims for the coming year include:

  • cross promoting each other's annual conferences
  • sending representatives to each others board meetings to discuss future opportunities
  • reciprocal invitations to provide subject-matter articles for relevant publications before the end of May 2018