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PEMAC Board of Directors Meet to Discuss Strategic Plan

Members of the PEMAC Asset Management Association of Canada came from across Canada to meet in Toronto, Ontario, for their bi-annual face to face meeting this past Sunday. 

Our Vice President Jean-Pierre Pascoli, opened our meeting with an acknowledgment of the fact that it was International Women's Day, "In the typically male-dominated field of maintenance, reliability and asset management, the PEMAC board is extremely proud that women play such critically important roles in our organization including those of our president, executive director, and manager of education and professional development. Susan Lubell,  Cindy Snedden and Nicolle Guillen as well as the many other women in our team have helped make PEMAC the strong Canadian leader in asset management we have become."

The full day meeting focused on advancing the goals for 2020/2024 Strategic Plan, reviewing an exciting list of brainstormed initiatives provided by our staff and volunteer teams, figuring out how to prioritize them and also how to marshall our staff, volunteer and financial resources to accomplish them.

Time was also taken to analyze what the impacts of COVID-19 will be on PEMAC events and on our partner teaching institutions who offer face to face PEMAC courses. The Executive Team is began working on the PEMAC response plan which will include monitoring the situation closely and communicating regularly with our partners and associates. One thing is clear, our long-standing strength of working online is likely to serve us well in the months ahead as the global community practices 'social distancing' to protect human health.

PEMAC directors had a full agenda and made some important recommendations and decisions that will further its strategic plan, further enabling excellence in maintenance, reliability, and asset management through collaboration, applied learning, and leadership. Besides those pictured, 3 Board members joined the meeting remotely, participating actively in the conversation.