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  • Emotional First Aid - Lessons Learned from COVID19

    Emotional First Aid

    We asked a team of volunteers how we can best be of assistance to our members during this time. One said he had never had to deal with so many emotional issues from staff. One of the issues was his team facing was moral dilemmas - his team members have a high sense of duty to both their team, which provides an essential service, and their families.

  • Working from home? Ideas for leveraging this time.

    With many people at home either due to the closure of their operations, self-isolation protocols, or as a proactive measure to reduce non-essential staff on site, some might question how these individuals can be productive, particularly when assets are not operating.

  • Opportunities to Contribute

    Two PEMAC teams are seeking interested contributors:

    PEMAC Body of Knowledge Team
    Competency Framework Development Team

    Have you been thinking about how you might contribute to the development of your profession in Maintenance, Reliability or Asset Management? We have some exciting opportunities!

  • FCM's Robust Resource Library Includes Asset Management Materials

    The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), a national voice for over 2000 municipalities of all sizes across Canada, has recently launched a new web page that includes a robust resource library.

  • Webcast Recording: Creating an Asset Management Roadmap

    PEMAC and SMRP recently co-hosted a webcast that featured Lindsay Hall, Manager, Britannia Mine WTP, EPCOR Utilities Inc. who spoke about Creating an Asset Management Roadmap Using Process Improvement Methodology.

  • A Taste of MainTrain 2017 Learning

    The Body of Knowledge team has now published selected MainTrain 2017 papers to the Shared Learning Library page.

  • New Article Posted to the BoK

    Thanks to Richard Beer and Michael Rosenberg for their paper titled: “From Horseless Carriages to Cars – Disruptive Influencers and the Importance of Mindset Shift to Implement a Maintenance Management Strategy: A Case Study with JEFFBOAT”

  • Body of Knowledge - Ready to Accept Members' Submissions

    We are open for business!!

  • Body of Knowledge Information Session

    One-hour Update on the BoK project
    July 26th 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

    A significant area of progress for PEMAC over the last year has been the development of the Body of Knowledge project.

  • Body of Knowledge Update

    The Body of Knowledge Committee held its inaugural meeting on Wednesday May 3, 2017.