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  • A Major Accomplishment in Global Collaboration

    PEMAC and the World Partners in Asset Management will be launching the long awaited GCS Soon

  • Board of Directors 2020 Election - Call for Nominations

    Deadline for nomination submission is November 8th, 2020.

    Are you passionate about the maintenance and asset management profession?

    Do you have opinions to share about how to extend or improve the strategic direction and impact of PEMAC?

    Are you willing to work as part of a team to contribute to the achievement of the PEMAC vision and mission?

  • 2020 Issue of PEMAC Now Magazine

    PEMAC Now highlights contributions that our members are making in our mission to foster excellence in maintenance, reliability and asset management through collaboration, applied learning, and leadership. 

    Stewarded by PEMAC's recently formed editorial board, this second edition of PEMAC Now will be published exclusively in a digital edition.

  • Fraud Alert

    We have received emails forwarded from members which indicate there is someone pretending to have the contact lists of attendees of PEMAC events for sale.

  • 2020 PEMAC Awards Nominations are open. Nominate a worthy candidate now.

    PEMAC Announces Two New Asset Management Awards

    PEMAC Asset Management Association of Canada is proud to announce two new awards celebrating teams and individuals championing excellence in asset management and making significant contributions within their organizations and the Canadian asset management community.

  • Happy World Asset Management Day from PEMAC

    PEMAC Celebrates World Asset Management Day

    Happy World Asset Management Day from PEMAC Asset Management Association of Canada. On this day we celebrate all the professionals positively impacting asset management around the globe, connecting and contributing to improve asset management throughout their organization.

  • Working from home? Ideas for leveraging this time.

    With many people at home either due to the closure of their operations, self-isolation protocols, or as a proactive measure to reduce non-essential staff on site, some might question how these individuals can be productive, particularly when assets are not operating.

  • World Partners in Asset Management recognised PEMAC's Becoming a Certified Asset Management Assessor

    CAMA Program Receives Recognition from WPiAM


    World Partners in Asset Management Recognises PEMAC's Asset Management Assessor course.

  • Mill Managers Collaborate on COVID safety response

    With the permission of the Executive Director of PAPTAC, the Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada, we are sharing this document from their Mill Manager's committee - a collaboration on COVID-19 worksite safety measures and a great example of collaborating across businesses. We are all in this together.

  • Call to Action: Exponential Growth is not Inevitable

    COVID-19, is here and many regions across Canada are beginning to implement bold strategies to limit its spread.  Most of these strategies come down to some form of "social distancing" and they are very important to protect the world's human assets, especially the most vulnerable in our communities.