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In the News: Cross-Functional Municipal Teams Graduate Asset Management Professional Program with Distinction

PEMAC Asset Management Association of Canada and Northern Lakes College congratulate the group of municipal practitioners who have just graduated the special offering of the Asset Management Professional (AMP) program for cross-functional municipal teams.  

The AMP program, comprised of six courses, is delivered through Northern Lakes College. It introduces participants to the latest in strategic asset management thinking while building organizational capacity for excellence in Asset Management. Designed for mid-career professionals and senior management from a variety of roles including IT, business management and finance, participants develop the capacity to build their knowledge and skills while familiarizing themselves with strategic decision-making tools at each stage of the asset lifecycle.

In 2018 PEMAC was selected by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) to provide asset management training to municipal practitioners. This initiative is offered through the Municipal Asset Management Program, which is delivered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and funded by the Government of Canada. The Municipal Asset Management Program is an eight-year, $110-million program designed to help municipalities make informed decisions about infrastructure investment.

Made possible by this grant, practitioners from about 40 Canadian municipalities of all sizes, took the learning journey together through the AMP program beginning in December 2018. About 100 of these practitioners have just completed the program and been awarded the Certified Asset Management Professional (CAMP) designation.

“With a goal of meaningfully improving the Asset Management practices of their municipality, participants joined in cross-functional teams providing greater impact across departments. PEMAC is thrilled to see that the knowledge gained throughout the program is being applied, as these professionals work to implement process improvements and more strategic decision-making tools,” shares Cindy Snedden, Executive Director, PEMAC Asset Management Association of Canada.

Course One began in December 2018 as a 5-day face to face training course in regions across Canada during this special offering. Participants gained an overview of the essentials of Asset Management in the context of ISO 5500x and identified opportunities for application of Asset Management concepts in their municipality to realize value and increase the level of service. Regional cohorts completed the remaining five courses in an asynchronous online format. Each 10-week long course focused on a key subject area. The program culminated in a final Capstone project that allowed participants to apply their learning through topics such as leadership, culture, lifecycle activities, risk management, knowledge management and so much more.

“I am really thankful to have successfully completed of the AMP program! I am now performing in my current role with greater confidence, with invaluable knowledge and skills acquired from active participation in the course,” reports Patrick Iwelu, P. Eng., CAMP, Major Asset Maintenance Analyst - Facilities, Public Works Department at Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo in Alberta.

“The AMP Certificate Program, worth every effort, has allowed me to broaden my Asset Management knowledge and acquire new skills. My participation in this program is a testament of our Executive leadership team in championing and promoting the implementation of asset management best practices that will ultimately benefit the organization and the community as a whole,” states Akli Ben-Anteur, M. Eng., M. PM., PMP, P.Eng., CAMP,  Water and Wastewater Projects Engineer at City of Greater Sudbury in Ontario.

A key element to the success of participants in the program, and improvements for municipalities beyond, is the support from municipal leadership. Encouraging participants through the program, with the willingness to consider the new knowledge is one way. Another way is for senior management to participate in the program along with their teams.

“It is so important for leadership to set the tone, and to set an example when it comes to Asset Management. If senior leadership in a community demonstrates an interest and commitment to building an asset management framework and culture, then others are more likely to take it seriously and take an active role. Culture and leadership are key to an organization’s success,“ shares Steve Kent, a long-time local government leader in Newfoundland and Labrador, who recently received the CAMP certification. “Through the FCM funding, I was able to participate in the program along with cross-functional teams from local communities. These communities are now better equipped to drive Asset Management throughout their organizations.” 

PEMAC and Northern Lakes College wish all the new graduates continued success. “In partnership with PEMAC, Northern Lakes College is proud to provide this special offering of the Asset Management Professional program to municipal practitioners across Canada. This training has a profound impact, assisting municipalities in building capacity and excellence in relation to Asset Management practices,” comments Ann Everatt, President & CEO of Northern Lakes College.

A second phase of the AMP program for cross-functional municipal teams begins this summer, with the next Course One starting in August. For more information about the program and the application process visit: or email


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