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Municipalities Start Asset Managment Learning Journey in Saskatoon & Newmarket

Groups of municipal teams began their learning journey together last week, when the Asset Management Professional (AMP) program for cross-functional municipal teams kicked off in Saskatoon and Newmarket. 

Made possible by a grant through the Municipal Asset Management Program, which is delivered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and funded by the Government of Canada, municipal sector practitioners from across Canada can participate in PEMAC’s AMP education and certification program. The AMP program introduces participants to the latest in strategic asset management thinking while building organizational capacity for excellence in Asset Management. Participants develop the capacity to engage others and build their knowledge and skills in key subject areas while familiarizing themselves with tools for strategic decision making at each stage of the asset lifecycle. Teams from Canadian municipalities have started to take a learning journey together through six courses of the program, with the goal of meaningfully improving the Asset Management practices of their municipality. ​

Course one of the program is offered face to face in seven cities across Canada. The first two deliveries of this course took place in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, lead by Hammad Sharif and in Newmarket, Ontario lead by Cliff Williams, earlier in December with teams representing cross-functional departments from seven municipalities across both regions. 

Haven't registered yet? It's not too late. There are still a few spots available in the remaining course one offerings in January taking place in Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Mississauga and Halifax. For more information and to apply visit: or email

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