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More detail on the WPiAM vision for Globally Recognized Credentials released

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As a follow-up to last week's news release, a paper that outlines the framework for globally aligned asset management credentials has now been published on the Wold Partners in Asset Management website.

Find the full paper on the WPiAM website

The framework will be laddered with three levels initially: "Certified Senior Principal in Asset Management', 'Certified Practitioner in Asset Management' and 'Certified Technical Specialist in Asset Management'. Appendices in the paper outline potential for an entry level, "Certified Associate in Asset Management" as well as two additional potential senior levels, "Certified Executive in Asset Management" and "Certified Fellow in Asset Management".

PEMAC has actively participated in this exciting global development. Achieving agreement on the vision outlined in the paper has been a very exciting and important first step. However much work needs to be done as we work to align our existing certifications, both MMP and CAMP, with the framework. This will be a big undertaking for PEMAC in the coming months and years.