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Nova Scotia Chapter Hosts Reliability Technology Night

PEMAC Nova Scotia Chapter hosts Reliability Technology Night on March 7th, 2024

The Nova Scotia PEMAC Chapter's Reliability Technology Night, held on a notably dark and stormy evening, proved to be a beacon for maintenance, reliability, and asset management professionals. Despite the weather, the event saw a robust attendance of 26 individuals eager to delve into the world of predictive technologies. The evening was structured around three enlightening presentations focusing on Ultrasound, Oil Analysis, and Electrical Testing, each aiming to highlight how these technologies can detect potential failures at the earliest stages.

Gilles Lanthier of SDT Ultrasound Solutions journeyed from Quebec to demonstrate the versatility of ultrasound technology beyond leak detection, covering its applications in mechanical tightness, electrical issues, and lubrication. Mark Shierman from Fluid Life in Ontario shared his insights, concentrating on the crucial aspect of "Interpretation & Response" within oil analysis. His talk emphasized the importance of integrating results with operations, maintenance, and other predictive technologies to craft a comprehensive response strategy. Wes Albert, a local authority, explored the nuances between Motor Current Evaluation (MCE) and Motor Current Analysis (MCA), distinguishing between offline and online applications and their respective benefits.

The event wasn't just a learning opportunity; it also served as a networking platform. Attendees, ranging from first-timers to regulars and representing various sectors, had the chance to connect and share insights and experiences. The evening was further enhanced by the sponsorship of Wajax, which provided an array of delicious food trays and drinks, with homemade chocolate cookies courtesy of Martha Myers Consulting Services, maintaining a sweet tradition of the Nova Scotia PEMAC Chapter events.

The gathering concluded on a forward-looking note, with attendees being encouraged to contribute to and participate in MainTrain 2024, set to take place in Saint John, NB. This event underscored the Nova Scotia PEMAC Chapter's commitment to advancing the field of asset management and reliability, fostering a community of informed and connected professionals.

Thank you to all who attended and to Wajax for sponsoring the event. The Nova Scotia PEMAC Chapter looks forward to connecting with you at their next event and at this year's MainTrain Conference. 

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