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Member Spotlight: Bejoy Mathew, P.Eng, MMP

Bejoy has worked in the maintenance, planning and reliability field since graduating from Mechanical Engineering in 1990. He came to Canada 5 years ago and has worked for Suncor ever since. "I enjoy my job and my company. I like putting good plans to the execution team to ensure projects go well."

Employer: Suncor
Title: Maintenance Planning Supervisor

When asked what advice he might give to a young engineer Bejoy said, "They should not go directly into an office job. They should out to the field, ask a lot of questions and learn as much as they can from the technicians in the field. If you want to be a good leader you should know everything you can about maintenance from the hands-on point of view." When we caught up with him in February Bejoy was the Maintenance Planning Supervisor at Suncor in Fort McMurray.

He had this to say about the value of participating in the MMP Program, "Through concepts such as the 'Maintenance Maturity Grid' the MMP Program really helped me to analyze where we are as a team and where we need to go to achieve maintenance excellence. I think this is the key to being able to call myself a maintenance professional. In addition, having a clear understanding of the relationships between Maintenance, Operations, Human Resources and Finance helps our team work together with others to create a good strategy with priorities based on return on investment for the company." Bejoy emailed us in June to let us know he has been assigned to a new role since we spoke and he wanted to make sure we knew about his new title, Manager-Facilities Maintenance Planning. Congratulations, Bejoy!