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Leveraging Asset Master Data for Canadian Municipalities: Survey Results of Current State and Potential Improvements

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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

PEMAC, FMC, Toronto Metropolitan University, and municipal experts across Canada have partnered on a project entitled “Leveraging Municipal Asset Master Data and Information for Maintenance and Reliability Readiness.” In this project, a survey of Canadian municipalities has been conducted to determine how asset data and information are collected, when, and how it is set up in various systems across the asset’s lifecycle stages. This presentation will highlight the survey results and make recommendations for potential improvements specifically related to setting up maintenance and reliability for success. Many municipalities have been struggling with such improvement areas for years to set up processes, procedures, and systems. The survey results will help attendees understand the current Canadian landscape and allow making recommendations to improve how and when municipalities best manage their various processes and systems towards improving asset and maintenance management across municipalities. The survey results will help develop and deliver a training course for municipal practitioners in the summer and fall of 2023. The information gathered will also aid in developing a white paper and business case that will increase the profile, understanding, benefits, and requirements for asset master data and information readiness during an asset’s acquisition phase prior to being handed over to the operations and maintenance phase.

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MainTrain 2023
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Presentation Slides
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04 Asset Information, 4.01 Asset Information Strategy, 4.04 Data & Information Management
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05 Maintenance & Reliability Engineering, 5.0 Maintenance and Reliability Eng General, 09 Information Management, 9.3 Master Data Management
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Toronto Metropolitan University
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Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
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Dr. Said Easa is currently a professor of Civil Engineering at Toronto Metropolitan University in Toronto. He received a Ph.D. in Transportation Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, U.S. He has served as Chair of the Department of Civil Engineering, Ryerson University, and Director of Quality Assurance for the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science. In 2012, Dr. Easa was selected by the Chinese central government as a global expert in the Thousand Talent Program. He is a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, Engineering Institute of Canada, the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE), and the International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM). His research interests cover broad transportation areas, including planning, design, operation, and management. In particular, he has introduced innovative approaches for safer and more efficient transportation infrastructure and has identified ways for improving the design of highway alignments, railway crossings, interchanges, intersections, and roundabouts. In addition, he has conducted multidisciplinary research in such areas as intelligent transportation systems, highway construction, road drainage, and geomatics engineering. He has published more than 420 journal articles and 61 book chapters, edited books, and national magazine articles, and 220 conference papers, presentations, and reports. He was editor of a bestselling book, Urban Planning and Development Applications of GIS, published by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). He serves as associate editor of the Journal of Transportation Engineering, Journal of Surveying Engineering, and Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering.

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Supervisor, Corporate Asset Management
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Town of Caledon