Nova Scotia Power Asset Management Journey - Joint Webcast with SMRP

PEMAC and SMRP are co-hosting a two part webcast series that will highlight Nova Scotia Power's Asset Management Journey.

Nova Scotia Power owns, operates and maintains the majority of its power production. This is in the form of thermal steam units, combustion turbines, hydro, tidal, wind and biomass. The age and complexity of the power production facilities and equipment ranges from 90 years in some hydro stations, 40 years in some steam turbines, 40 for many combustion turbines and as new as 3 months old in our wind turbines. Like any business, the stakeholders expect cost efficient and reliable electricity supply. Technical people expect to understand the risks, operators and maintainers expect safe and trustworthy equipment. A need to run leaner and more profitably is a challenge that a strong asset management program can support. This presentation will highlight NSPI’s approach to building an asset management program in our power generation fleet. We consciously chose innovative technologies and techniques to get results and avoid the pitfalls when following the process “by the book”. Finally participants will discuss what we learned along the way and will discuss how to improve as we move forward in the continuing asset management journey.

About the Speaker:
Warren Rodgers, Senior Engineer, Asset Management at NSPI
is a professional Mechanical Engineer and Certified Maintenance Reliability Professional with over 15 years in engineering and asset management. Formally trained as a mechanic prior to becoming a professional engineer, Warren’s background gives him a unique perspective on maintenance and reliability. His skills and experience have helped to build the current asset management program at Nova Scotia Power and lead the predictive maintenance program involving rotating and static equipment. Warren’s passion for reliability and asset management is in the challenges faced to keep equipment running without the business even knowing you were there.

Register Now for this webcast taking place on Thursday, September 7 at 12:00 pm eastern.

This is part one of a two part webcast series. For details about part two of this webcast click here.



September 7th, 2017 12:00 PM   through   10:00 PM